Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Thoughts On This Day...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I think I'll let you know what I was thinking yesterday. I slept an extra half hour.  I had time to take Hope, but I didn't. I did want to ride my bike to work, because I like how I feel when my heart rate gets elevated before work. I checked the temps, and it was 53 degrees out.  :)  I wore a jacket, and I was wondering how Jan would dress. She is a girl who rides her bike most days too. She had to go in super early so she didn't have time. Actually Jacob was already in when I got there, and that never happens.

Anyway we had a shit ton to do at work. Not enough time to get it all in.  So all hands were on deck, and somehow I got out of work only an hour later than scheduled. It looked like it was going to be worse.

I got home, and let Hope out, and Lisa pulled up with our truck full of mulch. We have a place that just dumps it in our truck for super cheap. I made a drink, she emptied the truck, and got another load. I had another drink. We decided to go out to dinner. I was in a perfect spot. I felt good, and told her we can go to the old people's restaurant by your Dad's house. They don't serve alcohol. She wanted pasta though, so we went to a pizza place by my house. I ordered a beer, and drank almost all of it. Couldn't finish the whole thing.

We came home, and I went to bed.  I slept good too.

There you have it. A day in the life.

Is there anything else I thought about. Yeah. Nothing really important. I think this shit has gotta be boring, but I am cool with my boring life. My heart is cool with it.

I don't get other people so much. This blog vs you = a mess.

You have a life, and there must be something of a redeeming value of you huh??

You did something right??

The redeeming thing of all of us is strength. Until you face the truth that we all are just like the thief on the cross than everything else you do is in vain.

Doesn't matter what colors you use, or slogans, or crap that has been handed down for generations started from people as bad as you.

Crazy World, and the craziest thing to learn is it isn't good. The life you want is not exactly what you think.

Anyways, I guess that is it.



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