Friday, July 17, 2015

Guess I'll Do What I Do...

Hello, and good morning. I took a couple days off from blogging, and for a couple of reasons. One I didn't want to blog, so I thought I'd rest more. An easy decision really.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day at work. A guy who is funny, and always is in a good mood bailed. Personally I hope it is just a personal day for him, because why??  He has the best job, great hours, and a great place to work. I didn't think much of it, but it seemed so out of character.

Everywhere I go I see characters. People with pasts that are colorful. What do people think of their past??

Is it hard to look at??  I wonder if it is impossible to look at??  You don't get to the good stuff, unless you are willing to take the journey. It is the walk of life really. You can look at yourself, and realize things are not getting better. We are not becoming better people, and that should be a gentle tugging to reconsider.

Do you want to be a better person or get 3rd in your age group in whatever race. The two can go hand in hand for a bit I guess, but the path of only you will not help you become better people. I don't even know what a path of me is, because it wasn't mine.

I put a lot of trust in people with this thing. Typically they just had to show some strength, and sometimes I wonder if it was a waste. Maybe a mistake was made on my part.

Nothing I have to worry about really, cuz I have the promise, and you have nothing.

I win, and I won. I have no idea what it is you do, and really like us all our lives are boring, unless we can get to the good stuff. The turn is important, cuz out of nowhere you will have the strength and vision to see and deal with the good stuff.

Everything else is just day to day bullshit, and like I said all our lives are boring there.

Gotta run. Today is Friday so tomorrow I can sleep in.


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