Monday, December 1, 2014

The Best Thing Of My Mondays...

ARE I GET TO SLEEP IN.  :)   I love it.  It kinda makes a Sunday quite the funday in my opinion.  I got my run in yesterday, and it was quite a bit quicker without snow and slush, and ice everywhere.  I then did my work thing, which I was not feeling.  I am glad that is almost done.  I don't mind working Saturday, but I want Sundays off. 

Anyway, that is about it for yesterday.  I watched Football and stuff.  We made tacos for dinner, and man did that hit the spot.  I slept in today too.  I am going to take Hope for a run in a bit, because I work both jobs tomorrow, so I probably won't run tomorrow.   I'll be rushing to get enough sleep, and a lot of times I'll only sleep for like 3 hours, and be up.  Actually, I will be working a couple days this week at both jobs, so that should be fun. 

What else???  Not much.  I guess this blog on any given day can go in any given direction.  I have things on my mind here and there, but a lot of times it may not be what people want to hear.  You want to go out and make you the best possible person you can huh??   It should be everyone's goal in life.   To be a better version of yourself.  

As people what is it we lack??   EVERYTHING.   We are nowhere near as good of a person as is possible, and the only problem is it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to be that person.   There is a way to get to be this better person, but you have to be willing to go "ALL IN" as they say.  

If this blog is any indication that surely is not something people are willing to do.  Too many important things to accomplish.  What is it you have accomplished in life??   What of any of these things would you consider a redeeming thing you have done?? 

You may have worked hard at such and such, but slaves in Egypt worked hard, and slaves in the US worked hard.  Jews lived in concentration camps, and for what gain??  People have had kids, and that has happened since forever.  Funny none of those 12 did though huh??  

Why, cause there is a different way.   A way that does not count on the wisdom of people for its strength, and it doesn't count on the efforts of people to become better versions of ourselves.   Nope it is a much much harder route, because it is not you who are the one in charge.   Obviously this is not something people are willing to accept, and deal with.  

It is a shame too, because there is a lot to do, and it has nothing to do with Worldly achievements.   That is just crap you do to fill time.  

Oh well. 

I gotta run.  


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