Friday, December 19, 2014

More Of The Same...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I guess I am doing okay.  Not horrible.  I don't have much going on, and I don't really have anything to blog about, but you know the theme, I can always give it a whirl. 

It is 8:00 AM, and I got home from work around 4:30AM, so I haven't had enough sleep yet.   I wish I slept more in the mornings, but what can you do??  Anyway after this weekend, my schedule will be back to normal.   I do my M-F thing and that is it for my FT job.  No more working 7 days/week.  Then whatever I pick up at the grocery store.  I hope to work around 10 hours/week there. 

I am excited about the new schedule, and really excited for the next two weeks, because I will have 2 days off in a row each week for the Holidays.  I am running a 5K on New Years Eve too.  I have no idea how fast I am, but I am pretty confident I can hold 7:30's relatively easy, so I assume I can run sub: 24:00 minutes.  Not sure if I can run sub 23, or 22:00 though.  No clue.  My go out and normal easy pace is as fast as it has ever been that I know of, but I am only running 3 milers, and this pace I could easily hold in the past for 15 miles or so.  Not at all sure how it translates.  I guess we will find out, unless there is a ton of snow on the ground, than we probably won't. 

Other than that I guess there isn't much going on.   Life goes on.  It kinda moves at a snail's pace seemingly huh, and then you look up, and damn, another year gone.  People make their plans, and add some goals, perhaps think of bucket list stuff, and whatever.   Life is like that a lot. 

I many times think I have a negative blog, but also a realistic one.  The truth of life battles the World for control of the information people have.   Without help I believe the World wins.  A look at the History of the World, and the current state of things you wonder how the World wins huh?? 

What is good about this World??   What is good about people??  What are the good deeds we do that make any difference??  Think of all the tough things you've been through in life.  Everyone has that shit.   No one escapes it.   You have kids they are going to do the same thing.   I don't know about girls, but once your boys turn 12 or 13 they will have a boner to deal with like 95% of the time.  For no reason at all either.   Just sitting in the class room, and oh look the bell is about to ring.   SHIT!!!   I can't walk in the Hall like this.   :)   FUCK was that the worst.  

There is always peer pressure and stuff too.   Girl wants boy as boyfriend, and that happens, and how far is a girl supposed to go in H.S.??   The guy is a walking boner, and all he wants is sex, and stuff.   Should we try pot, and drink beer? 

What is this life about??  It isn't about noble deeds cuz those aren't ever done.   It isn't about displaying all our virtues, because those are not there.   What is it we do??   What is our lasting legacy?? 

There is no lasting legacy, because in the end all we are is a memory.  As the years go on and the heart heals the memories are less and less, and thought of less and less.  You do this life thing, and hopefully have some good days.  A lot of them hopefully, but you will have shit days, and shit periods too.  So will your kids if you have them.  There is no Heaven on Earth, and this place really isn't all that great.  That is the truth of life.

All these plans and all these deeds that will be done in the future by you.  Some will sacrifice this and that for some goal or something. 
There is a way though to a better you, and I would think that would be a priority.  I know it sounds crazy, but I had to find this way.   I saw my soul sitting in the depths of Hell.  I saw my destination.  I suffered a lot and went through a lot, only to see my journey has just begun, and I was worse off than if I never even started.   That was my story.   As it so happens I did find my way, although my path was paved. 

Me vs. the worst of the worst.   Him telling me I am bad and horrible, and I had no problem believing that, because I see a Human for how they are.   Not that great.  When it came time for me to save my life I put it in the hands of one better than me.   Not from my strength, but I was taken over to say the right things at the right time. 

I have no idea what #3 will look like, but I can tell you it isn't fun.  It is bad and horrible, but this time I guess I know I'll be taken care of.   #2 was a big one I tell you.  It lets me be who I am today. 

You have a journey to go on.   The journey of you.  Finding out who you are, and finding out your weaknesses, and taking a look back on your life.   With a turn you get to the good stuff.   Without it you get nothing, and you just keep living the same ol' life you've been living.   Doing this and doing that.   Thinking of this and thinking of that, and crap like that.  

Not very exciting is it?? 

Oh well, I am out.  I gotta get a bit of a run in, and then I don't work til 8:00 PM. 


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