Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slept Like A Baby...

Hello, and good morning all.   How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I slept really good this morning, so I feel like a million bucks today.  I work both jobs today, and I don't run today, so I can run the next two days.  My day is set up pretty perfect.

Hold on a second.  My coffee is done, and I am going to get it.   I have absolutely no idea what I will blog about today either.   :)

Okay I am back.  Anyway since I know ALL of you are very very very interested in whatever the heck I do I will tell you about my run yesterday.  I forgot my headphones so I ran with no music, which means I can listen to ME better on my run.  My first mile was 8:33, and it was easy.  My 2nd mile was 8:23, and there may have been a couple *fast* harder sections.   The last mile was 8:07, and it was pretty easy from what I remember.   The fast mile was probably from the last straight away, I am guessing.  So 8:30 is a pretty easy pace.  I think maybe on Sunday I should go to the track and run some 800s, just so I know what my sustainable 5K pace is.   I have no idea.   (TEMPS will be in the 40s too)

WOW, I really have absolutely nothing to write about.  Isn't that crazy??  Maybe that is what is weird about this year so far.  In the past it seems I always had something to write about, and now pretty much the only thing on my mind is stupid day to day shit.  So this is how the rest of you live.   :)   HAHA   I keed.

So anyway have you seen in the news how the US torture people to get info??  I haven't, but I get my news from my twitter feed, and that is like only one person.  :)  I did check the google news yesterday, and there was a blurb on it.

Silly silly silly huh??  We are better, because??  The whole question of terrorism starts with the question why are they mad??  You can blame it on religion, but there is some things that probably have been happening for centuries in the Middle East.  It won't be anything you read in any History books in school or anything.  There is information out there being peddled which states we are bad.   One only need look at Vietnam to know there probably is truth in that.  One could take a look in Central America too to see maybe having a McDonald sign in our big cities isn't progress.

There is a common theme run everywhere which states we are good and right, and we wear a white sheet basically in all we do.  We are America the great.   That is pretty silly thinking.

Progress in the World is basically impossible, and probably at fault is any 'ism you can think of.  Starting out in life with the thought we are right is the easiest way to remain on the wrong path.

We as people, as family members, as a Country, as a Society are wrong.   The path to finding out what is right is to believe that, and strive for more.

The answers are not exactly what you think, but I can guarantee you right now you are not right.   If you were you would be perfect, and I know that ain't true.  One of the hardest things in life to overcome is you are right probably.  It is what we've been told since forever.  It is a lie too.  Our whole foundation is built on lies. Well intentioned perhaps, but us as humans are fragile. We are what we are read, and what we are taught, and we are filled with crap.

 Anyway I am just rambling.  it isn't too hard for me to see the truth, because I threw everything away a long time ago.  It is hard for you, because you cling to a bad foundation.

Oh well  I gotta run.

 laterzzzzz   :)   xoxoxoxo

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