Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Not An Ideal Start To This Day...

So I have a busy day planned today.  I am working both jobs.  I texted my manager yesterday at the grocery store to see when I was scheduled.  She told me Wednesday, but I could also come in today, as someone who usually works the ice cream isn't doing it.  So I am totally going to jump all over that.  Only problem isn't I haven't been to sleep yet from when I got home from the other job.  I was in bed, but just not sleeping. 

I got a lot of sleep yesterday, so that was probably part of the problem, and the White Sox made a couple big moves yesterday that barring injuries really strengthens their ball club.  They picked up another top pitcher.   Head of the rotation guy, and a lights out closer.   The closer's stats last year were ridiculous.  Something like 66 IP/42 H, and like 96K/23BB or something stupid like that.  That is dominating stuff, so right there you strengthened a trouble spot from last year.  Coupled with some smaller moves earlier, and this is a good team. 

One that can go all the way??  Who knows??  SF and KC were not predicted to be in the WS, and they were hands down the 2 best teams in the postseason.  So needless to say I had visions of sugar plum baseballs dancing in my head. 

After this I am going to get my run in, and then go to work, and sleep when I am done.   I don't feel bad all things considered, but the stress of not sleeping is always am I going to be dead tired later??  Typically it never is as bad as you think it will be, but it is stress.   Those who cannot sleep good, I get it.   Luckily I typically always get enough sleep, it just isn't what you'd call traditional. 

Anyway, not really a lot on my mind.   I did actually jack crap yesterday, besides my run and work.  Work went well, and my run was fast.   *fast for me*  It is my new normal now though, that I just go out and run 8:25s as my normal go out and run pace.  I don't know if that will turn into a fast for me 5K, because maybe I am just running fast with Hope, but I feel I am getting in shape.   There is another gear inside me that I can seemingly use whenever I want.  I sometimes do at the end of my runs.  My final straight away has a little incline, and I like to run uphill. 

So really I guess this is my update.   Nothing really too too important at all.  

This year seems strange to me.  Different.   Every year as far as this thing goes is different in ways.  I don't know what it means.  Not too worried about it though. 

Oh well, I gotta run. 

Laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.   :)   xoxo

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