Monday, December 8, 2014

It Don't Take Much.

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me,  I am doing okay.  I am up early.  Actually I have been up a while, but laying in bed.  :)  I do that a lot.   Anyway, my weekend got all jacked up.  It don't take much to throw your schedule off does it?? 

Friday I should have run, but I ran 5 of the previous 6 days, and my legs were tired.  I know I know I am only running little 3 milers, but I thought to be safe.  I know Saturday I was not going to run, because I work Friday night, and Saturday day sometime, with a little sleep thrown in there.   I got out of work early Friday, and stayed up, because I didn't want to wake up at 8:00 AM.  Sometimes I'd rather work later on Saturday, because Lisa works til 5:00, so it makes sense to get off of work at the same time. 

Anyway we just ate a home cooked meal Lisa's friend made on Saturday, and watched one of the Harry Potter movies, and I COULD not sleep Saturday night.  I wasn't tired.  Lisa and I had Hunger Game movie plans. I woke up later than normal on Sunday due to crappy sleep, plus I had to work a couple hours, and there the weekend went.  :)  Like I said it don't take much. 

So I will be taking the Hopester out in a bit.  We will be going for a 3 mile run, and I have to do leaves, and maybe organize my clothes.  I realized yesterday I still have Summer clothes on my top shelves.  I should put them away or something. 

There are a lot of things going on in the World, and sometimes I am surprised/shocked at how much the World controls us.  I realize the truth is a bitter pill, but I didn't know how bitter, and how hard it was for people to swallow. 

You cannot imagine what it was like to see the World through my eyes during that bad summer so many years ago.  It was then and there I learned the truth of the World.   How bad of a place it was.  How tough the things we have to do are. 

It is all about learning our place I guess.  Maybe that is the whole journey too.   We are on this Earth, we consider ourselves good and decent people mostly I would gather, and we consider ourselves to be well-rounded and all these types of things, but the truth of us is we are not perfect.   Our thoughts on the inside are not perfect, and our deeds are not perfect. 

We judge ourselves based on people who we consider to be worse, and the truth of the whole World is we have no idea the lives of others.   We don't know what kind of learning/propaganda they grew up with.   They have to overcome Society, and parents, and teachers, etc... just like everyone else.  

Some people hold onto the World so tight, because without it there life is meaningless.   Remember those words.   "Do not fear I have overcome the World"   Guess what??  You haven't.   It is not in your power, because you are not strong enough for that.   Only one was, and you would need help to overcome.

So where you stand, and where I stand what can I do??  Not much can I??  Every life is personal, and I know deep down people have a feeling something is missing.   That is an easy statement, because I know life isn't perfect, and I know people aren't perfect.

So anyway, my weekend got jacked up, and I didn't blog, but I wanted to throw something down for the heck of it.  :)

Gotta run.   I got things to do.   Shouldn't you people be working anyway??


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