Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Bad Blogging Week For Me...

Good Morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  What constitutes a bad blogging week for me??  One where I don't blog.   I haven't looked, but it has been a while, and I usually do it a lot.   What would cause me to not blog??   Well,  when you feel no one reads it, and it is boring for people to read, etc...  

I haven't gone back to read anything, but I know in times past I'd reread some stuff, and think.  This blog isn't horrible. 

I am not unlike you, and it makes this thing tough.   I have good in me, and bad.   For me you want to get to the good stuff, because that is where victory is.   To get to the bad stuff in me... "The Great Sword"  you just play into the hands of the bad one. 

There are many ways for that to happen, and one of which is making me feel this blog is dumb.  This blog is not important, and I in fact am not important.   You should know me well enough to know I can be as solo as I want.   Part of my story, and part of my Journey.  To stand alone in this World with my 2 feet with the assurance of me.   The assurance of who I am, what I have done, and what I continue to do.  To be on my good side you have to do tough stuff.   Honest stuff.   Not good stuff, but the horrible harsh and less than perfect truth of us. 

So have I asked you to do tough stuff??  Ummm, yes.   What have I asked you to do??   Throw away everything you have ever been taught.   Why??   Because it is a trap.  The stuff you need to know you cannot attain to.   It is not within our limited ability to understand stuff.   So you will be led in a different way.   A way of learning.  A way of learning about you and your place in this World. 

I have told you to brace yourselves.  Be strong, and be courageous, because it isn't easy.   I said on this thing long ago, and it may have been on the Journey too, the hardest thing you will ever do is to be honest.  Why?? The truth of us is one where we can be judged.   That is scary, and we like to box up a different package of us to show off.   The nicely wrapped present of us that looks pretty for the World to see. 

Remember what I said about flowers.  They are all flawed, but still pretty right??   All that is dishonest, and not real is all that is ugly in the World.   The whole World is not real.   Everyone is brought up to not be real.   Show your good side.   Pretend you care about people etc...  

Life is so busy and so active who even has time to be good in all things Society asks of us??   Who has lived life to their own view of perfection?? 

So, I have definitely asked some tough stuff of people.   I am definitely capable of being pretty solo, and I really only like the honest people.  The ones with the courage to show the real shit.  It is all about being strong.   Strong goes with trust, because you have to trust this is the right way.  You have to trust that being honest is the only way, and being open is the way to do it. 

Strength and trust have been walking side by side for a long time.   You struggle with both, because it is very very very hard to throw away all we have been taught.   Good vision coincides probably with a World view that is sad and depressing, and perhaps a life that seems kinda like a what am I doing?? 

Your battle is one with you.   Me, me, me vs. what is your will??   A simple simple turn that is very very hard. 

Life owes you nothing.   This World owes you nothing.   There is no great truth that says this plus this leads to this. 

We have so very very far to go, and people really don't want to go into the unknown.  Why???   It is easier to put our trust in what we can see.  I asked you to follow a different path.   A path where you are not in charge.  A path that will take strength and courage, and trust.  It will happen for some people, and some people it won't.   Those who come I will know, because it will show in how they are.  Those who don't won't, and that will be the end of this relationship.  

Okay, well I am just getting something down.   BTW for those who don't know, probably everyone, I am not running, got a bit of an injury, so I have been biking an 18 mile route at least, most days or so.   The standard route is 18 miles.   Oh, and I finally stepped on a scale, and I weigh 179 lbs.   I think a light weight for me is 170-175, so that is actually pretty darn good.   If I lose 10 lbs. give or take I will be as light as I have been in my whole adult life.   I haven't even been training hard really.   I am happy with that.

This is long, and probably boring, but I wrote it anyway.


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