Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's On Tap Today??

Hello, I am just sitting here having one of my should I blog or not moments...   I have those once in a while.  Today I am making coffee, before I go on my run.  I guess I should note, I am blogging before my run too.   I will get my coffee now. 

Okay, I got it.  I should note I drink like 1-2 cups of coffee each week these days.  I typically will only drink it if I am up early in the morning and feel like it.  That only happens if I have the night off.  Not that it is a big deal, because I don't think coffee is bad for you, but just making a note.

So this blog is going on, and it isn't going all that great right now.  I have my ideas why, and maybe I will share.   People are trying to hold onto some form of decency.  I will show this, and that, and that is good enough right??  That makes me good??   Going around in this life saying and thinking me, me, me, me, me.  Where does the path of selfishness lead???  To what great truths will you find there?? 

Do you see your heart is not right??   Can you not feel it??  Do you not in the wee hours of the thinking night/morning wish you were different??   A better person??   A person who gave a shit about others??

I have been saying for a really long time now there is a way to a better you.  It isn't from the path of me, me, me, me, me, though.  No matter what sacrifices you make they still don't end in the way you want.

There is always a choice, and it appears many of you if not all have already made it.

That is too bad, because that means the close to 1100 posts of this blog alone have been done in vain.

Oh well.  I am going to get my run in a bit, and have to do some stuff around the house.   Maybe I should make something nice for dinner.   I have to work tonight, and you know what??   I look forward to work.   When I go in, I am usually tired, but I wake up pretty quickly.  All the things I liked about previous jobs I do here.   I stay busy.  I am very active.   A lot of lifting, and walking fast etc...   There is always stuff to do, and the job is never ever done.   What more can one ask??   I don't mind working 3rds either, because I get every day off.   I only sleep til like 11-1:00.   I still go to bed in time to miss prime time tee veee too.   Not too shabby. 

Well, guess that is about it. 

Have a good Sunday.  :)


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