Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Me vs. Life...

Good Afternoon all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I slept good last night... err this morning.   I am off of work the next two days, and am pretty stoked about it.  I am thinking of just having a lazy day today, because I am tired.  I can do all kindsa stuff the next two days. 

As to my title, I was thinking about me and my relation with life, and I thought about other people.  A step ahead huh??   I am not searching for anything.  I am not searching for meaning in my life.  I have nothing to prove to the World.   I have nothing to prove to myself.  I am not afraid of the future.  

I honestly have no idea what people think about.  One thing I think people think about is life is hard.   Life is busy.   A lot to plan for our Futures.   A lot of stuff to do every day just to stay 2-3 steps behind.   Stress.  Life has stress.  

We cannot read the Future.  The sad thing about life is people may feel they can work their way to a better Future, but that is not the case.   So much of what happens in life is out of our control.   A lot of what happens in life is in control of the people wearing suits making decisions. 

Life is full of pomp and ceremony, and that kind of crap just shields our eyes from what is real.  I mean real shit is like poverty, and Wars, and Killing, and Disease, and Intimidation.   All these nameless people who are suffering horrible lives, I don't know them.   Who are these people??   These people have been around since forever, because life has always sucked for the multitudes.   You know what??  Even the upper 1% are not fully satisfied.  

Life should have always been more huh??   It should have meant more.   There should be a better way out there for me to feel good about life, and Can I not do something good?? 

Life is this crazy thing where there are no points to be had.  All our lives have always been pretty pointless, and we have done nothing of worth. 

That is where I stand too.  Me vs. Life I have won.  It was a long time, and a lot of stuff, but I win.   I can walk in the parking lot at work, and feel pretty good.   My days are free, because well I am the luckiest guy in the World.   Out of nowhere I won the Lottery of life.  I have one more big thing left, and even some small stuff maybe, because I find myself thinking of some people here and there still.  It isn't always easy to keep a smile on is it?? 

Oh well just getting something down.   Laterzzzz.   :)

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