Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Brand New Day...

Good Afternoon all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty okay I'd say.  Actually I feel very good.  Not sure why.   It isn't like life just got all exciting, and great, or anything like that, I just feel pretty good. 

It isn't like I am going to get some great workout in today, because I am not.  I just have some pushups to do.  It isn't like I am going to be working hard at anything.  I will watch Football.   You may thing today will be a horrible day, because it is one where my Social Networking thing will be loaded with Triathlon stuff.   :)  I don't care, it doesn't bug me, and actually I am pretty interested to see how one person does on her Marathon at IMWI. 

I like everyone else goes through hard spells.   I can see the reasons for some of it, and they are probably not great reasons.   All for good though means hard times for me make people stronger.   Is that arrogant??   Maybe, maybe not, but I know who I am.   I know what I am asked to do.   I've laid down a story of one where I am not all that.   I am not some great person who was going to work himself toward being great in something.  I would have, because I had the drive. 

The story of me took a different turn.  It led me on this path here, and it is a hard path, and one people have to take.   I am sorry to say we are all Human, which already makes us really not that great in the scheme of things.   We are really not all that smart compared to what is out there.   You  cannot work your way to a better you.  We are here on this Earth with hopefully a realistic view of our life.   Our weaknesses, our limited ability to do anything of much value at all.  

I know some stuff about this World and us, and a lot of it is... I don't even know what to say about it.   We are Humans, maybe just a tiny tiny step above the Beasts that wander the field.   You see how we are all born into a false sense of we are worth a lot??   I know that sounds negative, but it is the truth.   We are here on this Earth not really doing anything of any lasting value.   Then we all die.  

Now I have told of ways to get points, and actually do things that matter.  It is something we cannot do on our own.  Our lives without the help I speak are pointless lives that do not matter, no matter what kind of spin you put on it. 

The best logic we can muster for a life that matters is shallow at best.  

I am here saying though today is a brand new day for me.   I feel good, and that I like.  

Later all.   Have a fab one.  :)  xoxo

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