Friday, September 27, 2013

The Little Voice Inside Us...

Just when I was very very close to lose all hope...   I wrote on this blog about a 32 year old person who died.  Leaving kids, and family, and husband.   That can only mean two things.  Life goes on, and people don't give a Shit about that, or no one reads this.   Either way is fine, but I have to feel people read this if I am going to write it right??  I do take time out of my crappy life to write this shit. 

I do  want to clarify about crappy life.   My life is as good as anyone else, it just happens they all kinda suck, and are all kinda crappy.   We put our eyes on the future, but only so far.   Our eyes tend to fall short of the 6' under thing.   That isn't in our plans.   Not in my 5 and 10 year plan.  Doubt it was in Jenn's plans either.  Who plans to die at 32?? 

I am reminded of Nate, a guy I went to H.S. with.  His wife died of cancer young too.   Leaving kids and such, and a husband.  I don't know him too too well, but he is Republican'ish, and Religion'ish, and that is fine.  I cannot go back in time to see how Nate dealt with that.  I cannot see it.

I wanted to talk about the little voice though.   Olga's blog had her little voice.  So honest, and so refreshing.   It wasn't about how great she is, or all these things she is going to do with her life.  Her blog was her little voice.  Olga all alone in this great big World.   I hope you people can find your little voice inside you ,because that is where all the good stuff is.  There is a loud boisterous voice we have too, and that is crap.   That is your Worldly voice, and that voice has nothing worthwhile to say. 

Get to know you.  Get to know the 2 sides, perhaps more sides of you, and find that small voice.   The one you would never ever ever want anyone to see, but you should let people see.   It is a good voice, and it is the one who wins, even though it isn't a confident voice.    Out of the box right??  out of the shell.

Okay, I gotta run.   I ain't got nothing major planned.  I work tonight, and only am on 2 hours of sleep.   :)   I'll need to fall asleep for some hours before the work hours.  :)

If you read this, please take time to think about Nancy Close, and Ami Harju.  They were related to this girl, and she was a fun girl.   She had a heart, and she cared about her kids.  A couple years back you might remember I let Mike, Ami's husband write about his IM he did on my blog.  That to this day was probably the best race report I ever read.  Mike is one of those people who has kinda been in tune with his small voice a lot.  An honest guy, and they too have 3 kids.  

Take care all.   :)

And thanks Olga for getting to your little voice.   :)   It made my day.   :)   xoxoxo    :)

Thanks to Olga

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