Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Like A Weekend...

Good Afternoon all.  How's it going?   Me, I am doing pretty okay I guess.   I am not sure I always know what kind of mood I am in when I wake up.   It seemed like I was not in such a great mood today, but the sun is out.   I have the next couple days off.  I will probably start running tomorrow, and all seems pretty good I guess. 

I thought about yesterday's post last night at work.   I think it was a bit of a doozie, but maybe people didn't take it that way.   Who knows??   Life is a certain way.   People have been doing it a certain way for a long time.   Trying at this, trying at that.   That is good.  Nothing wrong with that, and actually isn't life better if you do that type of stuff??  You get to know a bit about people while working with them.   I think as far as my type of work I do, I have always been a "can do"  kind of person.  You see how better it is to be that way than the other way. 

The other way is a poison in life.   I think it brings out a bunch of bad stuff.  Complacency, lazy, no drive.  Do the minimum type stuff.   One guy I work with complains about financial problems, but always wants to leave early.   He feels life owes him I guess, and that is a good thought to throw away too.   Life doesn't owe you crap.  You want something you'll have to go after it.  

I think that is what I am trying to say too.   There are two lives we all live.   We live our Earthly life, and also there is the Spiritual life we live... You know that stuff that makes us smarter than the ashes and dust we'll turn into??  

Anyway I don't want you to confuse the two lives.   Your earthly stuff you do is what = zero points.   Don't put too much importance on it, or redeeming value type stuff in any of the crap you do.  That stuff is different.  People kinda are poisoned with I am good, because I do this and that.   Well the two are separate, and points do not come from the Earthly crap. 

The points I talk about you cannot get.   No amount of work you do will get you those points.   This is the stuff you people mostly miss.   This blog, and previous ones though have been helping you open your eyes.  Not the Earthly ones, but the other ones.   The other ones that have been closed.  

The eyesight as far as I can tell is pretty weak.   You miss a lot.  Part of the problem is you maybe have been placing too much emphasis on your day to day stuff.   Day to day stuff helps us stay busy.   Helps us strive for something, and makes us decent folks in Society, but that isn't all there is.   Strings needed to be pulled to open you up to the other side.  

The Earthly story of us no matter which way you slice it is a pretty crappy story.    The World sucks so our lives will be like that too in some manner or another.   We sought out perfection, but you weren't going to find it here.   Unconditional love??   Nope.   It isn't here.   We are all imperfect, and we like the type of people we like etc...

There is another story though, and it is a story of redemption really.   A story of forgiveness, and all the possibilities of the good things out there, but we don't see.   It is a place where fairy tales do come true.  We just don't know what those fairy tales are.   For me it is a tale of suffering.   Suffer many things in this life, and all the reasons I know not, but even still these things I have suffered = I still don't deserve what I have been seeking.    You can go to all 4 corners of the Earth, and still not be able to find/work your way to what I found.  

I found the Garden of Eden.   A place where I am not ashamed of who I am.   A place where I am accepted, and a place many of us will be heading I guess.   I don't know the story, and how it goes.   We shall see, but you have to accept this truth.   All your Earthly deeds do not matter in the eyes of the one with the best vision, because he is looking at other stuff.

I wouldn't write this stuff if I didn't know it was true.  Your Earthly life is going on and on and on, and you are doing whatever.   The Spiritual life we barely have begun, even if we have begun at all.

So accept the truth, and deal with it.   Realize we are to embark on this Journey, and it is one of learning.   One of forgiveness, and one of finding out about us, and what really makes us up.  

Try not to confuse things.   Try not to place too much importance on things that in the Grand Scheme of things really do not matter.   mmmmkay????    :)

That is it for today!!!    :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

xo's!!!    :)

Love You All!!!    :)

p.s.   I am going to start running again tomorrow.   Hopefully early morning.   WOOOP  WOOOP!!  

Love You All   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ya'All are the best  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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