Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better Get Some Cat Food...

Good Morning All.  How's it going??   Me, I  guess I am doing okay.  If you read my blog yesterday you know I saw once again some real life stuff going on.  A death from one who was too young to die.  Leaving a husband and kids.   32 years old.  She had cancer from what I gather, and than her liver failed.   I saw the pics of her pregnant I think, and with the kids.  I think the new husband must have had some kids too. 

You see that pain though, and that tragic sad story, and what can you do.  I didn't want to look at that, but I did. 

Life goes on.  I know two people who it will really affect, but they are two strong women, and they will deal in a healthy way.  Face it, and cry, and have memories, and music will help them remember, and deal with it, and they may have some drinks here and there too. 

Life is something you have to deal with head on.   People don't really get that.   They are trying to do everything BUT deal.  I am pretty disappointed in people a lot.   Many don't get it.  I have been going on this blog on and on and on, but they still don't get it.  

What am I going to do??   I am going to go buy cat food, because we need some.  I am going to go for a little run too, although my heel hurts.   I am going to have a day today.  I work tonight, and work is going well.   A little more responsibility.  I will now be able to check, and make sure inventory counts are accurate, and change accordingly.  I will also be able to be creative to find ways to get new product on the shelf.  A lot of life is about being creative, and finding ways to make things work. 

Sociology majors have messed up more than they know.  Trying to keep every little bit of human life in a spread sheet is dumb.   You end up feeling all  "office Space"   The bigger the worse you are as far as Businesses are. 

So this blog goes on, and so does this life.  


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