Friday, August 17, 2012

You Are Not Alone.

Life is hard.  So much information.  So much stuff to see.  So much stuff to do.  So much stuff to learn.  How can I make the most out of this one life? 

Are you like me back in the early 90's?   Looking around, and wanting your life to count, but Damn life really seems pretty stupid.  Which avenue would you take to make the most difference?? 

Now look in yourself.  I mean really really look.  Words matter, but not if it is you just trying to put a spin on something.  Every time I talked to my brother Jim, he was always like you know, I have never been more happy.  People are like that, and you can smell BULLSHIT from a mile away. 

Life and History is full of all kinds of crap.  We are more advanced today then the days of serfs and the feudal system, but not really.  Many people are still enslaved to stupid jobs, with no hope of  rising above our slave owners. 

Our whole Economic system is flawed.  We raise money for the Gov't through taxes.  Corporations (legally people, which is just a stupid way of rich people to put less of their stuff at risk) dodge taxes, by whatever way.  Laws are on the books which are ignored.  Banksters get bailouts, and Military gets a huge percentage of the money we don't have, and the money we cannot afford to give them. 

What happens when we finally turn over our last shell and realize this monetary system that has been created has been whipped.  Our final shell shows us we have nothing.  The currency of the World is worth as much as the Weimar Republic Currency. 

Yet some people spend so much time thinking about that stupid crap.  God forbid if you have a lot of stupid debt.  You are in for a stressful life.  What are your dreams??  White Picket fence??  The Hall of Fame of whatever thing you do?  Retirement where you can finally do nothing, and realize that is boring as Hell.  All we strive for and all we go after is nothing. 

Wouldn't you want a heart that looks at life and says everything is stupid.  Wake up and say, you know, today I can run, or maybe not.  Maybe today when I get home I will read and watch movies. 

How does a person overcome themselves??  Say all I think I want, and all I think I hope for don't mean crap.  Well, I guess you have to see the World as being a pretty stupid place.  I trust your eyes have been seeing that right?? 

Confidence spoken/written isn't really confidence if it really isn't there.  You don't know what is the best for you, and that is just a turn in life.  A turn with trust.  You have to see the logic,  right?? 

If there is some reason I am on this Earth, wouldn't it be better to do that than anything else???  

Check and Mate...

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