Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crabby Bitch Man...

One of the problems in doing this damn thing, is you get to see me every day.  Good mood/bad mood.  Everything.  If I am unhappy with something I vent.  I don't always know what makes me mad, but I let it out.  Usually by telling you all you are assholes in some way.  :)

I was in and out of sleep last night, thinking of a lot of things.  Mostly my past.  Things I have been through.  Things I know, and things I think you should know.  I leave a record, because in some way it is supposed to help you. 

Now you see a different version of the story of Moses huh??  How many people would believe him that the shit was going to hit??  Not many huh??    Or the 12 followers who dropped everything when asked to "come follow me" 

The World goes a certain way.  The Atheists, and the Believers, and all in between all go in the same direction.  They put their faith and trust in themselves.  They trust their own knowledge, and their own understanding.  Perhaps there is someone wearing a nice suit who talks in a pretty snazzy way, and people believe and follow him.  Perhaps a person on the tee vee garners respect. 

I say don't go in the conventional way.  Take the road less traveled, because unfortunately it makes "ALL" the difference.  Read your heart, if it tells you a certain thing accept it.  Don't harden it, and say it cannot be, and then try and put yourself on a pedestal.  If you have insecurities good.  Don't bury them away.  All this stuff is about us, and people try and bury themselves in work of some sort. 

All the multitudes of people want to go the easy way.  Follow the masses.  I offer you a hard way.  One that isn't easy, and one that you will not always feel good about yourself, but it is a good honest hard way.  It is a way where you get to learn a lot more than what the masses will learn. 

As my life goes on I see I am losing more and more layers of myself.  Throwing away all the things that make me me.  Why??  None of who I am matters.  I accept that, and I accept my route, and I do it willingly and with a good heart. 

So in all things be strong, it will serve you well.  Strong is honest whatever that means.  It doesn't mean you feel strong, it means being honest. 

The truth of us is we don't want everyone to know us do we??  All our insecurities and all the things that make us seem weak to others. 

Trust in this direction, and don't trust your fears about that.  The masses follow a way that just leads to hate.  Those who go in the direction I say go on a path of love. 

Do you want to be a hater, or would you trust someone to make you a better person?? 

Everything is laid out for you.  The decision is a no brainer to me, but You know I have been through a lot. 

Have a good one.  I really mucked up my training this week.  I am only going 10 miles today.  Maybe I'll just do a couple half marathons.  :)

cya cya   :D   :D 

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