Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hello,  I am up, because I went to bed early.  I will write this dumb ass blog, even though I think blogging is boring, and it must be as boring to read this as it is to write it. 

Answers answers and answers.  As my life goes on, and I throw myself out there I realize I am alone.  I use no one as a crutch, except one.   The one thing I always wanted in life I guess was not to be alone.  Not to be the only one, and now it doesn't matter. 

If this thing gets weird, and yadda yadda yadda, I don't care.  I need none of you.  Maybe that is what life is all about.  Being able to stand on your own two feet.  I guess I realized it yesterday without realizing what I was realizing.   :) 

Really this thing could have been fun, but I guess blogging isn't everyone's cup of tea.  It isn't anything anyone wants to get involved with.  Cool with me. 

Anyway answers answers answers.  This will be weird, but like I said I am on my own two feet.  What you people think I could care less now.  After my night in the hospital, my brother Jim had a dream.  Me not knowing what was going on, I said "yeah, well I overcame."  Now you remember I overcame one thing, and the rest was basically done for me.  I remember I was arrogant'ish in my response.  So much so I was going to be cast away.  I would have been cast away to, but one interceded on my behalf.  I interceded a few summers ago on another.  I said if this one person cannot go, I don't want to go.  I believe it was the same time on my long'ish run when I said  "My life is worth so little, do with it as you will."  Can't remember exactly, but pretty sure it was. 

Also I remember at some point I was told, the walking meant nothing.  I never understood what that meant really, but isn't that what yesterday was about??  I trusted my energy, and the energy is a gift.  That is what those 3 days were about.  To realize, the energy isn't anything I did. 

So anyway, life is something you have to be tough in.  You people don't appear to be very tough. 

Today is a day of me.  Read, movie, etc...   I am not working.  Didn't appear there was a ton of stuff to do when I left Friday, so today is a day of me.   YAY!!


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