Saturday, August 4, 2012


Okay this was a tweener.  I was thinking of staying in bed, and writing nothing, because let's face it, it is my life, and I cannot possibly have much to write about.  Saying that I will get some coffee, and see what comes out.  brb.   :)

Now as you know I just throw stuff down here.  I don't put much thought to it.  Today/ earlier before I got up I was thinking of some things, and it is a bit heavy, and I am not going to go into it, but I see how hard this is.  I think back to my time of going through my life, and there definitely was no vision.  I had no idea the meaning of any parts of my life as I was going through them.  I never knew the importance, and this blog actually gives you a vision of life.  What are some of the hard parts, and why are there hard parts. 

One of the big obstacles of life is we believe in us.  We are smart.  Some of us went to College, and learned the Bullshit we learned there.  Especially if we were Business majors.  ;)   We have to trust not in ourselves.  Not in our own knowledge, and not in our own wisdom, because there are higher thoughts, and higher wisdoms, and higher knowledge than we can attain on our own. 

Oh, I know that ain't easy, because we think we are pretty dang smart.  That is a step of trust too isn't it??  I never knew that, and I never knew the importance of my actions I took.  Most stuff I learned the importance of it later. 

This is a tough road, and I have given you a lot to think about, and yes as you can tell the journey of life is internal.  That is where all the important stuff is, and if you look inside you, I am sure you can see the hate.  You hate people who don't think like you, or don't believe what you believe.  Why is it easy to hate people??  Because they hate you back. 

When you look at your actions do you ever analyze the motives for it??  That is part of your internal stuff too.  The Whole World of believers want to prove that they do stuff for God, and the funny thing is if the believers were really smart they'd realize you cannot do anything for him he can not do for himself.  You all want to show some sacrifice of some sort, and that is not what he wants.  What he wants you cannot do, because what he wants for you is to accept as a gift that which you cannot do on your own. 

But hey, it is just this silly old blog I have been doing for a while.  Banging my head against the tree really, because I have been saying this for a while, but you put your faith in yourself, and that sure ain't the right way.  Trust in one is who you have to trust, but we all are too fabulous in our eyes to not trust ourselves.  That is why the journeys of life are so hard, because it helps open our eyes.  And isn't that what it is all about??  Helping the blind to see.

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