Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Morning Blog...

Good Morning.  I have absolutely nothing to blog about right now, but I will get some coffee, and see what comes up.  Hold on. 

Well this blogging thing is pretty easy for me.  I throw down whatever, and let it go.  I sometimes think about what I write throughout the day, and as always that is the hard part of the blog.  It has always been like that since the beginning.  It is just an internal thing with me I could not even begin to have you understand.  It was pretty cool being up yesterday morning, and just letting my whole self be seen.  I just closed my eyes, and hid nothing.  I knew I was good then.  (oh that is weird too, and I cannot help you understand that)

The last several days have been pretty hard, and I am not really sure why.  I mean yesterday was another day where I came home sat on the couch, and didn't want to do anything.  Lisa and I had to do a couple errands after work.  Drop the car off to get fixed, and pick up some groceries etc...  Then we just sat outside.  I listened to music, and she read/slept.  It was a perfect day out, and as it turns out not a bad day at all.  I drank some wine, and cooked some chicken on the grill. 

I haven't run this week yet, and I haven't felt like it, so I am going to get a run in now.  Nothing better than a run before work right??   I think so too. 

I'll finish my coffee first. 

That is it.  Just a little blog update.  Nothing real heavy today. 

cya.  :D  

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