Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sleep In Or Blog??

Well, it was totally a sleep in day if there ever was one, but I just had a bunch of crap running through my mind anyway, so figured I'd get up and get something down. 

I'll have you know I have been off for a bit.  Disappointed??   perhaps.  I opened myself up, and looked inside myself, and let everything be seen.  Not in this blog, but before I got out of bed.  A lot of worries just disappeared kind of.  So that makes me feel better.  I keep thinking shouldn't we be much further along on this thing?? 

The lesson of last week.  The energy was nothing I did, and this blog really isn't anything I do.  Like I told you I don't put a lot of thought in this blog.  I write it down etc.. Whatever pops up.  Okay that sounded weird, but I mean I know some stuff has to be done.  I cannot do anything you know??? 

Want to know what I think??  I think we have been going in the same direction.  Blogs haven't changed.  They have been about the same type of stuff.  Going on and on and on.  I don't think you can get to the meatier part of you, unless you would be willing to make the turn.  I think then your eyes would be more clear.  Not by anything you do, but as a gift.  Then you would see clearer, and I bet have a stronger heart to do the  seemingly tough stuff you have to do.  I bet then it would not seem as tough as you think it would be right here right now.   Is that true??  Not sure, but it is what I think.  You have some stuff to do, and you cannot do it like this.  You will need help. 

We will see how this thing goes. 


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