Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surprise Surprise...

Good morning all.  I have coffee, errr... I am going to get some coffee,  I will brb.  

I was thinking about one thing, but let's place it all on the table.  Do you ever wonder what a person's motives might be when they wrap themselves in a cloak of Company, Business, Flag, whatever??

In order to make better profits it is noble, and generally very good to do stuff for one's own company, business or whatever.  We can wrap ourselves around a cloak of whatever and pretty much justify anything. 

We put a lot of faith in what we do is good huh??  I mean the lowly Enron employee wore that cloak with pride.  I assume Cigarette company employees held some type of pride in how popular their brands were.  They had no idea what the researchers were researching. 

I think that is the problem with my life in the 90's.  What is one to do??  I saw farther down the line in all pursuits, and I was like what???? 

We all know the cloak of Religion is probably the worst cloak worn throughout the History of the World.  All are guilty...

What did I end up doing??  It was the Hospital.  It was waiting all those years to start what ended up being  Heimleblog, Journey, and Wait.  It was struggling every day seemingly with Heimleblog.  In struggles I can no way help you understand, but a couple days ago I figured out what it meant.

Life is a crazy thing.  We all can get blinded just going through our normal day to day, and it is hard to see past that.

I notice this thing puts you in a tight place.  I see the way this thing is headed, and I can see the way it is right with the sword.  Not of my doing, and not of my knowledge, but being led in the ways I go.  Enduring the things I have endured in the ways I go, and really given the help I need to get this thing done.  None of my knowledge, and wisdom, and understanding know the ways I go.

Trust is so important, and I have been harping on it for a while.  I know it is hard, because I have been pulling for a long time, and our lives are important to us, and we want to matter, etc...

Trust me,  you will.  :)

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