Thursday, May 12, 2011

Whatcha Think??

That is what I'd like to know.  I don't mean you don't do that, but I found out yesterday what I am doing.  Who I am in all this.  Not sure if I want to tell you to be honest.  I'll give you this though, and it is a doozy.


The thief on the cross had no 401K.  To my knowledge didn't work out.  Probably didn't have a job.  Not really sure what kind of checking account, and savings account he had.  Left the world with the same amount of stuff he came with pretty much.  He probably had some clothes on though.  What can you do to make sure you are exactly like that thief on the cross??

Kind of a naked feeling huh??  There ain't nothing you can do, but make the turn, and wait.  My blog is "The Wait"

Hold on, I am going to get some coffee.

I guess, that is about it for today.  One more thing.  Rain in spiritual terms are things like your Mom is dying of cancer.  You fail as a person, and you hurt someone, and you see how much you hurt them. You look at life with a set of eyes that doesn't like much.

The hard things we do in life, that are not directed by us, are really rainy days, and all they are there for is to help turn you into flowers.  Growing doesn't come easy.  So when we were little, and we had growth spurts, we'd have achy joints and what not.  Everything is tied together to learn.  Like I said we miss about 99.99999999999999% of the stuff shown us.

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p.s. my guess was 2:59:59.  I think I used the word poop in my comment though, so wasn't allowed through.  I trust Beth.  :)

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On Sunday is the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Oscar is going for a sub: 3:00 marathon.  He will try this with a very busy schedule.  Teaching, coaching, training, wasting time watching the Pirates.  Check out his site and wish him luck.  You can guess his time, and win some stuff here too.  :)  He is trying to join an elite group.  Lance Armstrong's first marathon was 2:59 something.  Rudy Chihak took several tries to be sub: 3:00.  He is now a 2:47 marathoner.  The #1 U.S. finisher of the Comarades a few years back Ganzi, is not the fastest Holland has to offer in overall speed, but on that hot day at Bayshore last year, he cracked 3 hours.  A lot of eyes to make sure Oscar gets it done, if he has a good day.

Have a good one all.  :)  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Now for really really cya cya cya  :D   :D  


Christi said...

I have faced many rainy days of my life and I like to think that I am blooming quite well in my adult life. But the manure keeps coming but that too is fertilizer. We have to take what comes one day at a time and that is what I am trying to do. All the while remembering that I am building character and growing into a gorgeous flower.

Good luck to Oscar! I will cheer him on from Colorado!

Have a great day Steve!

Nancy said...

Life is growth from experiences... Like the rain that falls, it makes us humble, the manure that is thrown on top is the food of which knowledge is given. As you said.... Bad things do happen and it does affect all those around you. It humbles people into realizing that we are far from perfect. As for the BS we get from actions of another... Well, that is the experiences that teach us that everyone is different in thought, action and speech. In order to know yourself, you need to seek out and learn from experiences. Not all experiences are bad... it all in how you choose to see and react to it. Keep an open mind and never set your path on the rigid trail... You will never know what you may find along the way... :)