Sunday, May 29, 2011

The End Of The Rainbow

Yep, I have hit the end of the rainbow.  I can go in any direction with this blog entry, and I think it is going to be a doozy.  This is going to be one crazy motha I think.  I don't know how to keep the real heavy stuff out, and when you sit at the end of the rainbow with your pot of gold there seems there is nothing I can do wrong. 

I have asked before, and I told you before some things.  I have not read the Bible since late 80's.  It is a SWORD, and it TEARS me up.  I don't do it.  Wanna know the greatest thing Satan did??  Told you salvation was here....  (ANY ORGANIZED RELIGION)  when it is here.  You are closer to finding your answers doing Yoga than going to church. 

Doing the stupid married church thing to get married was an awful day.  Having a stupid religious service at my brother's funeral was awful.  I don't do it.  That my brother John posted a note that had the religious musings of a fool and put my name on it was FOOLISH!!  Cut that shit out, you have no idea what the hell you are doing.  You should think about the time you were called and didn't believe.  Jacob I loved and Esau I hated.  God's words.  Who are you??  I have no idea. 

It is an exclusive club folks, as the lessons I have teached.  Very few ever believed any of the prophets, and the best of the best was killed by his own people.  On that day there was a thief on the cross next to him who knew where he stood, and all you stand in the same spot.  You will have the ability to process your life, which will be somewhat painful.  This will soften your hard hearts, so you can do what you must do.  The thief, and Steve Rose, and Jim Pejchl had an easier route, cause they are done.  We may have to do more.  We will be in the field working a bit longer so to speak.  It is with great difficulty the righteous are saved, how much more the sinner?  Who are the righteous??  The ones who have faith, the ones who believe when they are spoken to. 

That is it for today!!!  

Thanks for reading!!

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Just wanted you to know that I liked this ..... :)

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