Friday, April 8, 2011

A Whole New World

Kinda how I feel.  I spent so much time with bloggers, and you know they were mostly geared toward some type of training.  Exercise etc...  I really am not doing that, although I think I may start doing pull ups and push ups.  As this blog went on here it may seem I was mad.  I did get mad a couple times, now I am not really mad.  Just at one person, and I don't read that blog anymore.  It isn't one of the original 5 at all.  I don't know what the heck was going on, but I felt arrogance, and I don't take kindly to that.  Fine you think you are all that, but I don't.  You don't impress me.  Your actions are actions of a weak person, not a strong person.  Perhaps you'd like to think of that.  Still in the signature line though. 

That being said none of the original 5 are on my list.  Very few are on my list.  I have a couple I follow that show up here.  To be honest I am not interested in training blogs that have zero life in them.  So I am seeking out life blogs.  I was going to check out another blog, and I did, but just not any updates really.  Hold on going to get coffee.  It was Jen Gray's friend Thea.  I thought yesterday Jen reads a lot of blogs, and I would trust her with anything.  You know Jen Gray gets xoxoxo--she is a blogger on my rhs-- and she was at Steve R's thing.  That is a lot huh??  I mean I cannot give much, but I can give on this blog and do.  :)

I have no idea how many blog updates I missed since my break.  I am not creeping around.  I'll let you know if I read you.  Speaking of my break... the day I posted that Izzy song, and lost it.  I needed support, and got none.  I texted Gina, I needed a strong woman.  Btw I don't text very much.  That Izzy night was a weird one like I said, because I took sadness from who knows where.  I went to my breaking point.  You know no blog, to Twitter, and no FB.  Some stuff survived.  As I was slowly getting back on my feet Jen Gray was instrumental in getting me back up.  You know Beth and Lorraine helped pick me up after heimleblog.  Lorraine I don't read anymore, but that will be remembered.  Even though we went our different paths that still is a part of the story never to be taken away.

You may ask where was my wife during this, and I wouldn't worry about her.  She doesn't really get this part of me too much for whatever reason.  I mean I blog every day, almost and she doesn't read it.  Wanna know why???  It isn't in her heart to read it.  If it was part of the plan than it would be in her heart to read it right??

I think you can listen to your heart.  Be honest with it.  Look in it and see.  You know what sin is???  All that we hide.  Remember when Adam hid from God.  He wants us to stand naked in front of him to show all.  Not be afraid of our inequities.  It is a journey to get there.  It is a journey you are not the director of.  It is not your righteousness that saves you, but your faith.  Remember during the Journey I was soooooooo scared.  I wanted to be right, and he wanted me to be faithful.  Why the story is like this I don't know, but it is.  Like the answer to Job were you around when I made all this??  We don't know his mind, and realize his thoughts and wisdoms, and understandings go way above ours.  Our wisdoms and understandings are truly just a comic book story compared to his.  We cannot fathom.  It  is like imagining a billion dollars.  Who can do such a thing?

You have to trust this though.   He knows what you are up against, and he will help, and deliver you.  It is his job, and he likes to do it, and he wants to do it.  Oh yeah one other thing.  Wear fear as a badge of honor.  In the words of Solomon it will go well with those who fear the Lord.  :)   If you are scared realize you are in the minority.  Not many have, and that is a gift too.  :)

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