Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Am So PHAT!!!!

Well I am hobbled no doubt about that.  Sciatic nerve pain, so that means there is something pinching.  Like I said Ouchies.   :)  My friend Beau had surgery yesterday for a ruptured Achilles.  It was frayed I guess on both sides.  Like a horse tail.  :)  So I have gone from a minimum 25 mile runner, and actually was inching up to 35 miles per week runner, to nothing.  :)  Beau works out almost every day, and now he is nothing for two weeks, and the cast can come off, but still not much.  PHAT PHAT PHAT!!!  Thanks for all the concern shown me through this.  :)   j/k.   I guess I know when a blog is weird a blog is weird huh??  I actually had someone tell me I drink too much, and I am crazy before.  Who drinks too much and blogs at 3:00 am anyway?  BTW, you don't even know the crazy stuff.  I could tell you all kinds of things that happened on my summer where you would know I was nuts.  I was being shown stuff though. 

I kept having dreams that Normal, IL at the time was full of bad fish.  That it was dangerous.  Whatever that meant.  You know how it says come follow me, and I will teach you to be fishers of men??  I assume you could just say people.  I didn't know what the heck I was doing anyway.  Fighting for my life really, not this one, but the other.  Despair despair despair every day.  Mind you this was after 6 days of persecution where I prayed make it so I was never born.  If I am evil let me die, and I prayed like Job and Solomon... well Job prayed he would be better off if he were never born, and Solomon stated better off are those who have never been born to never see all the evil that is done under the sun.  I always liked Solomon.  He was probably my favorite.  I wanted to reach his heights of wisdom.  I was afraid of the better off part.  Does all wisdom lead to sadness??  No, because there is one who came, and overcame all, and brought a message of hope, and peace, and joy.  It is a message delivered through the heart, but it isn't overnight.  It is a journey as I said, and the direction is laid by one who has the best eyes.  He guides in such a way as to teach you stuff.  Not stuff you can learn in a book, but stuff you can learn in life. 

Remember when I said Khien although just a housekeeper did a great job.  He was diligent, and thorough, and all.  He was a POW, who escaped by drugging the guards, and made it to America.  A simple job... perhaps, but even simple jobs can be done good.  Khien had the learning of life, and that Doctor had the learning of books.  The puller of the strings of life is the better teacher for those who have eyes, and those who have ears.  We all have them we just have to use them.  Keep eyes and ears open.  You will see stuff.  Remember how I said teach the blind to see and the deaf to hear.  That is what this is.  This is a spiritual journey, and the law is spiritual.  He who lives by the sword sure don't make sense any other way does it???   No, because the one who saves is living, and can do things every day for you on earth.  He will never give you more than you can handle. 

Don't shove away what he teaches... accept it.  Some lessons are hard o.k.???  Trust him though he knows what he is doing.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

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Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

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Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.   We got this = courage and honesty.  Courage to look at what is shown us.  :)

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