Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Turn

Unknowingly we made a turn.  This isn't my plan, although a plan is being worked out.  Did you notice the direction of interest was races and races and goals, and now the interest is in life??  What we all must have is a vision of our life.  Remember how nostalgia is always touched with a bit of sorrow for some reason??  I imagine you all have a view of things in your quiet times.  Quiet times a lot of times are discussions while hanging with friends drinking beers, and stuff.  Some of the best conversations are during those times, at least for me.  Others are times when we cannot sleep, etc... 

I would say don't rush it don't push it, because you have help.  You see you will get visions of these things when they are put in your head.  Can you tell yourself to have a quiet time of thoughtfulness, and do it??  No, they just pop up.  When a person is given only so long of a time to live, who knows what they work out.  You remember the thief on the cross on that day centuries ago right??  He worked out a whole lot in just  a little bit of time huh??   Who you going to judge???  No one right???

Speaking of beers, I sure haven't been  my typical self the last two nights.  I was in good have a few beers listen to music zone the last two days, and it ended up with one Coors Light on Friday, and switch to TV, and movies.  Yesterday I was sitting outside, and had two, and switched to watch the Sox game, and watched a movie or two.  Weird huh??  Kinda like if I am not running a billion miles I don't want to drink a trillion beers.  :)   lol.  Of all the things we don't have control of at least honesty we do.  Do you realize how easy it is to lie about little shit??   Honesty is fricken funny, because we get to see how pathetic we all really are.  You think guys aren't checking out every single hot girl who walks by???   if pre-disposed to think in that direction??   We are the worst creepers ever.   :)   lol.  Lisa and I are pretty open about that.  We tell when a girl is pretty, and stuff.  Why not right??  She can trust me, and does though,  what the fuck am I doing right??   She has been around enough even when the I love you kissing bandit has come out.  :)   hee hee. 

There are so many things we all get addicted to, whether it be mindless shopping, or eating chips, the alcohol buzz, tv shows,  you name it.  They all are addictions, but really what else is there better to do??  What important things are there to do??  When I am buried in the ground you think anyone is going to remember how excellent of a job I did at what I do??  So if you look through your lens, and see what is there to do, you would think the direction I took many years ago probably is the best huh??  I have not lived a "glamorous" life per se, but I have seen a lot.  I guess that is something you work out on your own though.  To be honest though, I have seen things you cannot see no matter where you travel in the world.  I still am free to do whatever I want, because I hide nothing.  My blog is the wait too, so I do this blog thing to help, but really I am waiting for the final thing, and I guess that really involves when you all are ready.  Whenever that is. 

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p.s. my chronic sciatic thing gives me an appreciation of what Faith and Laura P. struggle with every day.  I feel you girls.  Also the miles Kathleen and I traveled during her difficult year, are also part of the story.  Kathleen asked for help the same night the girl Summer acknowledged her sadness.  That happened at Beau and Charity's house a while ago.  None of this stuff is forgotten.  :)   I don't know if any of you remember, but Kathleen made the Journey toward the end.  I used her anonymously.  Very open, very honest, and very courageous.  :)

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