Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movie Day!!

I took yesterday off.  It was one of those Mondays.  It wouldn't surprise me if I only slept 1 hour on Sunday night.  I was a bit tired on Monday obviously.  I worked only a 7.5 hour shift, and came home and napped.

Wow I really don't have much to write about actually.  :)

Let's change the Pace...

New Title.  Zuchini???  Man or Myth???  

  • Yes A List--  Not too creative today.
  • I like doing lists, cause I can just ramble.
  • Watched Pulp Fiction Last night.  I forget how good of a movie that is.
  • Samuel Jackson is so funny.  
  • I love the line "That better be one mother fucking charming pig"  lol
  • Ezekiel line is pretty cool.  
  • I have had a big time crush on Uma Thurman for a while.
  • Since the Kill Bill's probably
  • I like using prolly instead of probably sometimes.  :)
  • Running my 6 mile loop this morning, instead of last night.  
  • planned that yesterday.  I hate running in 90 degree humidity
  • I don't think I breathe all that well in that stuff.  
  • I have no idea how I did it in 2007.
  • I ran a bit with a 3:50 pacer in Chicago 2007 on Saturday.  He was the only pacer left that day from his group.  :)
  • He was passing 3:10 people on that day.  3:10 pasted on their backs.  Yikes!!
  • Some people are tough about that shit.  I am not.  
  • Last Wednesday I forced myself to suffer a bit.  Go more than 10K pace on the track.  
  • I liked it.  :)
  • The heat only goes through today, and then more normal temps.  
  • We watched Ferris Bueller last night too.  A lot of good stuff in that movie.  I forgot.  
  • Hailey's friend Kristy is staying with us for  a while in Hailey's bed.
  • Lisa and Kristy get along really good.  Lisa is really really nice.  :)
  • Her little dog stays too I think.  
  • I am how I am supposed to be.  
  • Sometimes I am strong, and sometimes I am weak.
  • Sometimes I am outgoing, and sometimes I am introverted.
  • After my run I bet I am jacked, and ready to go!!  
  • It is 2:00 am now, and plan on running at 2:30.
  • I think that is about it for today.
  • Yesterday I was just to myself mostly.
  • Which is fine by me sometimes to be honest.  
  • When I am tired, I typically am to myself.
  • I loved movie night last night.  It was really fun.
  • I don't do that much.
You know me I could go on forever, but I won't

That will be it for today!!  :)

Hope you All have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

House Maintenance!! YAY My favorite!! Other Stuff too!! :)

So, I didn't ride my bike yesterday.  I told Lisa I would put the new faucet in.  I woke up for the 2nd time after 9:00 am.  :)  I sleep in on Sundays.  I had some coffee, and worked on the faucet.  It took me longer than I thought.  I think between 1 and 2 is when I finished.  The thing about faucets is you have to take the whole sink out.  Easier to assemble faucet with the sink out.  Everything gets tightened underneath the sink.  Plus we have a water filter too, so all waterlines have to be disconnected, and all drain stuff too.  Then you take the sink out.  Then you take the old faucet out.  Ummm that was harder than expected.  :)  Got it done, with no leaks.  :)  YAY!!

I also did most of the laundry, and the dishes twice.  Lisa cleaned up her books, and organized our library.  We have a bunch of books. Lisa reads every day.  Me not so much, unless a lot of blogs update.  I apologized to two people.  Bloggers actually who don't particularly like me.  I told them I won't comment on their blog, but I will still read.  I have come to the realization not everyone likes me.  Who knew??  :)  Lisa cleaned up the bedroom, and vacuumed, and then we sat outside and chilled.  Relaxed.

Like us all, my inside stuff is much different than what one sees on the outside.  I guess you can probably tell that huh?  I am pretty normal, I joke around a lot.  I like to have fun.  I laugh at work a lot.  Just a jokester, but I try and do a good job at work.  With my job it is hard to tell if I do.  I see a lot of things I'd like to correct here and there, but really don't have time.  Needless to say I always have stuff to do at work, so I like that a lot.  Better than having nothing right?  I like to stay busy.

It is going to be 4000 degrees today, so not sure how long my long Monday run is going to be.  I may go short.  4 or 6.  I guess it depends on how the legs feel.  I was going to go only 12 or so on Saturday, but the legs felt really good, so I went close to 15.

That is it for today!!  :)

I am glad this is a lighter post!!  I don't like doing the heavy ones to be honest!! 

I'd just assume keep the heavy stuff to myself really!! 

I may not though, we will see!!! 

Hope you All have a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

Sox lucked out the Twins actually lost a game.  We need to play better, and they need to play worse!!  YIKES!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

With Lisa's Help

I saw what is going on.  I see what you are seeing.  I know it is hard.  I know life is hard.  There are things that seem unfair.  Anne Frank's story is tragic.  Life isn't fair.  Kunte Kinte (sp??)  life wasn't fair.  You have to see these things.

I am going to re-add N.O.T., because I like her blog.  I won't comment, because obviously she doesn't want me to.  I am not mean.  Creeper me??  Umm no!!  I am not.  I joke around a lot, but I on FB rarely go to anyone's wall, except to say hi.  I comment on some stuff I see pop up.  That is it.  My laptop is jacked remember??  My computer screen on the old desktop sucks.  I can barely see pictures.  So I am not bopping around looking at people's photos. 

I am doing what I am supposed to.  I know this is a tough summer to go through, but it is for the greater good.  Don't be mad at me, because I am doing nothing wrong to you.  Trust me I am nice.  Have I done anything mean to you? 

Please realize all will end up fine.

That N.O.T. thing really upset me yesterday.  Last night too.  Still does.  I told her the story of my dog Toby, and H.S. girlfriend Carolynn.  We came home to Toby our black lab dead in the bathroom.  I didn't want to touch him, because I was afraid of the dead body.  Carolynn and I got in a fight.  It was a bad one, and I was going to leave.  She then said she was such a BITCH, because I just lost my dog, and she is fighting with me.  I cried, and cried, and cried, because I lost my dog, and I didn't want to touch it when it was dead.  I wasn't angry I was sad.  I told N.O.T. that story.  Haven't told many.  I told Lisa what happened yesterday, and that I told N.O.T. that story.  I told her other things too.  I tell people a lot of things, mostly on this blog, but some other stuff too. 

Anyway just wanted you to know that hurt me yesterday.  I told Lisa about it. 

Like I said before I wish I could hide the scary stuff from you, but I guess it might come out, because I write what I feel.  Life is scary right?  I mean we know our ending right.  We know we will not be here forever.  Isn't that a scary thing? 

I think that is it for today.

I don't feel like my standard signature, because I am sad. 

You know how I feel.  :)

14.75 miles low 9:00 pace.  I logged it as 14.85, and it was 9:00, but it was 14.75.  I know important info huh??

cya tomorrow!!  :)   in a sense.  :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nancy O'Toole Is Off My List

Nancy O'Toole thinks I am a creeper.  I never met her ever, and never had anything mean to say to her.  She was such a good blogger too. 

That is my update!!

Too bad!!

I will never read her blog again!! 

Plexi Glass Is Just Another Name For Morning Coffee IMHO!!! :)

I am going to list it out today.  Sugarleg gave me the idea by posting the 25 thing.  You should check out her last two posts.  They were really good.  I found out yesterday she is actually a she.  I didn't know if it was a guy or girl.  I don't even know her name.  :)  Sugarleg I guess.  Too bad it isn't Olga.  I like the name Olga.  ;)

  • I had a talk with Jackie last night.  Told her what she must do.  Look at her life.  She knew.  She is afraid to, but she knew.
  • I don't understand this blog.  My thoughts on it are this:
  • It is scary???
  • It is the mirror in which you view your life through??
  • It is canker sore??  Pleasure pain.  Hurts to touch it, but you do anyway??
  • All Of the above???
  • I am thinking of telling you my vision I had right after the hospital.
  • It was on the couch of where I lived at. 
  • I hit the alligator on the head 3 times, and then Katrina and I hugged.
  • This was in 1992.
  • 2 of 3 are done.  The 3rd one the one who overcame centuries ago does the work.
  • Alligator is the serpent.
  • You all know who he is.
  • My 6 days of suffering, were at the hands of the Serpent.
  • That was pre-hospital.  After the 6 days I gave the angel the $20
  • Remember I am mostly spirit?  That is because of the needle, It was a re-born thing.
  • It is something I feel, it is a physical thing.  Those 6 days there was a warm sharp pain in my neck.
  • That was the disturbance.  
  • Ever read the bible, the New Testament?  Remember about casting out evil spirits??
  • There are good and bad spirits.  I have the best and the worst in me right now.  My final work.
  • The good one overcomes.
  • The law is spiritual, and I am mostly spirit.  I know the bible pretty well.
  • eyes and ears are spiritual eyes and ears.
  • Remember helping the blind see and the deaf to hear??  He does that now in a spiritual sense through me.
  • That is a lot huh?  I have known this stuff for a long time.  
  • I knew before the hospital the final suffering I must go through.  
  • I didn't know how to get there.
  • I got there at the end of the The Journey, and now I wait!!
  • I am in no hurry, because God's will will be done.  :)
  • Secret Lesson of Noah??  Not many believed him did they?  Not many on the ark.  
  • They thought he was crazy!!  
  • You readers believe though, because you were chosen.  :)
  • Let him who hath understanding reckon the #...
  • I will have understanding after my final suffering.  Sometime this fall I think.  I bet after Thanksgiving.  My 5K
  • I will know the day when it approaches probably.
  • It says do not fear thou art with me.
  • I told Gina something too, of my spirit leaving me, and meeting halfway, across the sky.
  • Yes the pace is building, we are in the final stretch of our 5K.
  • Does Beth remember those tweets?  Does Jen Harrison remember those e-mails?  
  • We were 2/3 of the way done a while ago huh?  
  • It is late August now.
  • I thank Kim S for reading.
  • I wanna know how Cole does in cross country!!  update on FB his races, and times.  :)
  • All this stuff I have known for a long time.  Before the hospital.
  • I never told anyone but now I do. 
  • Can you imagine getting a promise that all will be for good??  Takes stress off huh?
  • I had a view of what you people are looking at.  I looked at it before.
  • My view is great now, because I have the best eyes.  :)
  • It won't always be like this, but it is part of your journey.
  • Be strong, be courageous, and be honest.  You'll be fine.  
  • Been there done that, and look at me now!!  :) 
  • Keep the hope!!  :)  You all are doing great!!  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

White Sox and Twins are in a race fo sho!!  Sox had their bad streak after their good streak.  Twins are on a good streak, but that will change.  They will come back to earth.

ttyl!!  :)

WOAH!!  Sugar leg's 25 thing shows up in my reader with yesterday's date, but it doesn't show up on her site... Weird!!  I'll link it, it is good.  

Her 25 thingy 

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Miss My Bwog!! :(

I haven't bwogged in two days, and I miss it.  :)  I really don't have much to say right now, but I bet I will tomorrow rather earlyish. 

Hmmm,  Guess I really don't have much at all.   I wanted to say hi though.  You readers of mine are the best!!!   :)

Anyhoodle, I did have .......WOAH!!  Anyhoodle gets the red line??  Dammit!!!  I guess bwogged really is a word then.  Ha Ha!!  I should be the CEO of google.  Those fuckers have no  idea what they are doing.  :)  HA HA HA!!! 

Had a good workout on Wednesday.  5-1000's @ 2 minute rest.  I was firm on the two minute rest.


Yep you guessed it.  7:05 I think, and time for that 5k interval was 21:55.  All is going well!!

That is it for today!!!   :)

Hope Everyone is having a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I Had 2 Hairnets, and 3 Bobby Pins I Would Be In Montana Now!!

For the record this is most definitely a Title first see where it takes me kind of post....in case you were wondering.  :)

Not much done yesterday.  I was tired at work, so took an early 34 minute nap at 7:00 am'ish.  I was off the clock this time, usually I am not.  Ha Ha!!  j/k.  Really not much to report on yesterday.  I worked, biked to work and back, and cut the grass. 

There were some things I thought of, and I guess this is where it will take me on this post.  Lisa was dropping Hailey off, and this is Hailey's decision.  This is what she wants now.  I guess if we could all live Jack Kerouac's life for a bit we'd try it huh?  Where they will be staying they will have no money, no access to money, and not even sure if they will look for jobs.  They will live like vagrants, bums.  Not that there really is anything against that.  People fall on hard times.  I would imagine the Enron workers fell on some pretty hard times.  It didn't have to be this way.  The care free life was the lure, and they are following it.  You all know where this ends.  Life's hard lessons. 

I would say Hailey is in the position I was when I graduated college.  I asked that question.  What now.  Or as I put in a previous post What am I to do?  I had no idea.  I had no interest in doing my resume believe it or not.  I had a full time job cleaning hospital floors.  I really had no idea what I wanted to do. 

I was searching.  I was "Into The Wild" searching in the town of Normal, Illinois.  Really in my head.  I graduated in 90, and Katrina and I broke up in 91.  My mom must have died step-mom Dec, 26th 1990.  So from the time of my graduation til the time of my step-mom's death was a little over 7 months.  In that time, I found out she was going to die of cancer.  In a relatively short time.  My second taste with death. (first was dog Toby)  More ways for me to look at things.  I saw my step-mom in the hospital ballooned up with water weight.  Someone fucked up somewhere.  I remember no one in the hospital seemed to care.  Not even the newish doctor.  More things for me to think about. 

So here I am on my own, working, and working hard.  I thought of Khien Pham.  Escapee of a North Vietnamese prison.  He was very patient, and took care in his work.  It was a paycheck yes, but he did a very thorough job.  Something as unimportant seeming as stripping, waxing, and buffing floors.  He was better at his job then the Doctor, that is for sure, but Khien had the learning of life.  The Doctor had the learning of books.  The one who pulls the strings of life is the better teacher for those who have eyes, and those who have ears.  We all have them, we just have to use them.  Khien was probably very much like Ho Chi Minh, although they were on different sides.  The Doctor was probably like the guys we propped up in South Vietnam.  Remember a dead Ho Chi Minh would have won any election in Vietnam over anyone we propped up. 

Anyway my Grandpa died in August of 1991, and my girlfriend Katrina and I broke up August 15th 1991.  We tried to work it out, to no avail.  Lora and I became friends shortly after this.  I confessed my embarassing confession to the cute little blond not too long after that.  That Autumn actually. 

I had a discussion, a conversation.  I will wait to tell you about that.  It was during this time where I saw the eye of the needle.  Shortly after the conversation.  Conversationish.  Really in my head. 

Eventually what I said is if there is some reason I am on this Earth let me do that instead of anything else.  I do, and I did.  I saw many miracles only showed to me.  One night I was to go search.  I was to search for an answer.  Something was going to be told to me.  I walked around the track, walked, walked, walked.  The answer came.  Diligence, perseverance, steadfastness, patience, and one other.  were the building blocks of faith.  I forget the one other.  I kept searching, searching, around the track, but I couldn't stay awake.  My work that night was done.  The night in the hospital when I thought I was going to die, I also couldn't stay awake, my work that night was done.  No one saw the work, but God.  The building blocks are also part of the Robin story.  I misread it that summer, but figured it out this summer.  The worm too. 

My brother Jim saw my eyes that night.  He said they looked like Mom's death eyes.  I was broken in front of my friends.  That was my job.  I was blessed right prior to going in the hospital.  In the entrance of the old people's home section.  Bromenn Healthcare.  The same hospital I would be spending 6 days.  I would have only had to spend 3, but the Doctor was gone on that July 4th holiday.  They gave me animal tranquilizers.  My brother Jim had a dream the next day.  The next day after me being in the hospital.  Lora, who I totally didn't even talk to, as a test of my obedience, came and visited me the next day.  She knew, was told, it wasn't because of her.  More to come!!  :)

WOW!!!  A lot came out there huh?? 

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

French Fries From Amsterdam

For the record this is definitely a title first, and see where it takes me entry.  I like these believe it or not.  Holy SHIT are they fun.  :)

Yesterday I slept in til 4:00 am, so no blog entry and no blog reading either.  I only had one to read, so I read it in the afternoon after my run.  Sunday I took to the streets again with my bike.  I slept late so only got in a 27 miler.  Did I think I was going to take to my bike again??  no.  My i-pod worked again so off I went.  Solo bike rides  can get boring "for me" so I like music.  I never ride with anyone else.  Never have.  The streets I go on are very traffic free, and pretty bike friendly, so I don't think it is unsafe.  Others may.  To each their own.

Ha!!  My philosophy right there.  To each their own.  That is how I live.  Remember I was a manager and stepped down after my first Hawaii trip.  I didn't particularly think I was very healthy, compared to all the healthy people in Hawaii.  I was 217 lbs. at my peak, and that summer got down to 174.  Staionary bike.  I really didn't think I was a good manager, partly due to my philosophy.  I was not a boss.  I am a doer.  I don't know anyone's life, and what anyone goes through.  If people don't really want to work hard, I'd be frustrated, but who knows anyone's path??  Surely not I.  Who knows what people struggle with??  Surely not I.  I lead by example, and if any follow more power to them.  I am not a Bobby Knight yeller.  Work hard Work hard, while it doesn't particularly look like he is working too hard.  How about that Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss!!  Really??  You gonna tell me to run laps???  Nope not my style, I would never ask anyone to do something I would not be willing to do.  If they didn't feel like doing it, then fine by me I guess, I don't know what is in another person's mind.  Everyone's walk is different, and everyone's walk is personal.  Mine many of you know many parts, and some are still hidden, buried if you will, but struggling to come out.  It will, because that is what this life is all about.  So hope that makes sense.  I may have to re-read that, and EDIT!!  :)

Yesterday was Monday.  If you read this you know now my Mondays are important.  I run longish on Mondays.  18 on Saturday, and I followed with 9 on Monday.  I was tired and sluggish, but I didn't mind.  The most important thing I noticed was the legs were firing.  9:10 I think was the pace.  My pace seemed to pick up after the 40 minute mark.  After 1 hour, I stopped at a park to fill up with water.  No water.  :)  I sat on a swing for a bit, and some twirly doohickey.  No reason.  I was just thinking about my run.  Seeing how the legs felt, and chilling.  That ended up being probably a couple minutes is all.  Then I made it home.  When I run I look at my time at certain points when I notice a change.  Just in case it makes my blog.  :)  40 and an hour made it today.  :)

I had a weird thing happen on my bike ride which made me think.  There was a block party in Saugatuck, my halfway point.  The street looked to be blocked, so I changed my normal way of doing my loop.  I thought all is for good, and I kept looking to see what this reason may have been.  Nothing really came to mind, except just saw some people.  Seemingly nothing.  My eyes are pretty sharp though.  Oh, and I saw a Robin on my run yesterday with a worm in his mouth.  There is a story there, but perhaps another day.

WOW!!  One blogger is pretty amazing,  she keeps leading in her own very quiet way.  I won't name names, but she is philosophical.  Who knew??

O.K. I guess that is if for today!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love you all!!!  :)

gonna go edit that one paragraph now... maybe!!   :)

cya!!!  :)

for the record, no edit!!  :)

Lisa's brother got shit stinking drunk last night.  A full fifth of Brandy.  For the record, I never drank a fifth in my life.  He rarely drinks.  He was cracking us up last night.  I kept trying to have him go give Jackie a hug, but he kept trying to hug Lisa and I.  AGH!!!   kick to the gut!!!  :)  He was pretty funny.  He woke up for a bit now, I asked him how he felt.  He said pretty beat up.  :)  Gotta love life, especially the funny stuff!!

Now for real cya!! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Which Way Is Up???

This is going to be like the other days I think.  I have a lot I can say, and some stuff I hold back.  There are some things about this blog that are weird to me.  Like it is seemingly a scary blog??  Not sure, but anyway, I will start with my run, and go from there. 

I don't really have a plan with my running too much.  Important to me are Wednesday speed, and Saturday Long run.  As I am training for a marathon Monday long'ish run becomes important to me too.  It worked for me last year.  I want to add a Friday, but didn't this week.  It was really hot and humid out.  I get led with how I feel believe it or not.  I didn't feel like running on Friday so I didn't.  Wouldn't you know it it rained all during my run on Saturday.  I was able to get in 18.3 miles with heavy feet.  Temps were great, but the shoes were definitely heavy. Water does that.  9:22 pace.  Legs were still firing to the end of the run.  I am definitely getting distance legs.  Pretty important if running a marathon.  So as we speak I have one 17 miler, with a tempo after 2 hours.  I also have one 18 miler with heavy shoes.  All my workouts I don't hit my goals, but my workouts are hard, and I am getting strong.  I think I was right, once I get the distance in my legs the speed will come.  So this is pretty exciting for me.  This is fun stuff for me. 

I missed a party last night.  Beau had to work, but Charity threw him a party.  It started at 11:00 pm.  Yeah, not really my thing.  I tried to stay up, but it wasn't going to happen.  Lisa got a loud exhaust ticket, so no movie.  :)   I listened to music, and had a couple beers.  I was getting annoyed with Hailey's boyfriend and her being around, so I yelled at Hailey's boyfriend, and went downstairs to nap.  I was going to go to Charity's at 9:00.  I slept til 2:30 am.  :)   Oh well. 

Let me explain what I mean about Hailey's boyfriend being a girly man.  Now I have gay friends, and they are not girly men.  They speak their mind.  They aren't afraid to be who they are.  By girly man I mean after 2 days he was calling Lisa Mom.  GAG!!!  He calls Jackie Grandma too.  DOUBLE GAG!!  Brian doesn't call Jackie Mom he calls her Jackie.  It makes my blood curl hearing Hailey's boyfriend say that crap.  BLEH!!!!   He is fat, lazy, and bringing nothing to the table.  If you don't have the physical attributes being strong, honest, and funny is the way to go.  He tried calling Kevin uncle, and Kevin said he does it one more time he'll slug him.  :)   The fucker ain't going to handle the men in this house.  Best go live with the girls in the other place.  :)  Savannah is too tough for him too.  :)   He'll have to toughen up a bit to survive.  The honest will survive, the weak will be run over.  :)   Honesty = strength.   I have a feeling the kid will make improvements.  I mean why else would he be here right??  You should see him though.  He has no money right, he is just sponging wherever he lives.  He hasn't had a haircut in forever.  So he is fat, gross hair, not sure what his shower habits are.  Underarm deoderant???  not sure.  Where do these guys get these things??  I am not going to pay for his haircut.  Life gets tough for these 18 year olds doesn't it?  I work for stuff around the house and me.  I don't work for them.  Hailey always has a place, and we'll help.  Going to have to live with me though right.  High School has been graduated somehow.  Only person who graduated while only having 2 days of homework in 4 years.  :)  Free ride is over.  You are an adult.  We'll see where this goes. 

Teachers should be paid more.  They not only teach stuff to learn, but they also teach life too right?   Teachers can make a difference in a person's life too.  We all have our favorite teachers, ones who made us think.  For me it was my High School World History teacher.  I dated his daughter a bit in college too.  weird.  :)   Non-Western Poly Sci. in college.  Teacher was a Palestinian.  I got a different viewpoint.  His!!  opened my eyes.  I didn't always see eye to eye with him, but he made me think.  Now that I am older and wiser, I do see eye to eye with him.  He was the smart one.  :)   I had a law professor who made me think too.  Actually was going to go to law school too, but got led in a different way.  I was led to the hospital, and to these days.  I was led to last summer, and led to this summer.  Now I have a promise that everything will be for good.  Ticket yesterday???  I thought, welp, all is for good.  I am excited for the future, and excited for the bloggers who are on my right hand side.  We are all learning, some are training, some are doing new things.  We all struggle with stuff, not sure what everyone struggles with to be honest.  I know Leigh and I are in the same boat.  Shitty $$$$  issues keep popping up.  No biggie though it is the people that matter, and seeing the people get wiser, and better is good.  I guess if we see something is red, better call it that way right??  I could pretend to like Hailey's boyfriend, but I don't.  He'll be better for it.  Me not liking him today, doesn't mean it lasts forever.  I like strong people.  People like my ex-neighbor Rick.  He is as gay as they come, but we hung out a lot, and were best friends.  He struggled through some stuff, but we always had a good time together.  We both drank Jim Beam to a good extent.  That shit is too expensive now, so don't drink it.  I drink Brandy if I am doing hard stuff.  :)   The great thing about gay people is they are who they are.  They are out, and open.  God doesn't want perfect, because only he is.  God wants you to be honest.  Your battle against the one who lies.  :)

I am going to ride my bike today.  My i-pod works now.  I am not sure how far I will go, 27 for sure, and prolly less than 100!!  My legs feel pretty recovered from my run already, so will be able to get a longish run in tomorrow. 

Guess that is it today!!!  :)

Sorry so long, hope it wasn't boring!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. I once wrote a paper on carpet.  My English teacher Mr. Wyman rolled his eyes when he saw the title.  When he graded it he said it was a great paper.  He said it was Andy Rooney'ish from 60 minutes.  Mr. Wyman is a FB friend too.  He was one of my good teachers too.  Retired I think last year.  :)  I always remembered that.  :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wet One??

Today is a long run, and it is raining.  Think heavy shoes toward the end perhaps.  :)

I am going to do what I did yesterday, it was fun. 

I enjoyed my week of work.  I enjoyed doing something  very few people would enjoy.  In the area of world importance it is zero.  I sorted bins filled with screws and counted them.  I like sorting and organizing.  Too bad I rarely take my work home with me.  :)  Don't do too much of that at the house.  I think I would rather throw out 90% of the crap we have.  A damn near empty house would be right up my alley.  Oh and I have always enjoyed sorting bins.  I would do it in the Plumbing aisles 1000 years ago, when I was the Plumbing manager at the old store.  Pretty crazy huh?? 

Hailey is back for a couple days with her girly boyfriend.  Can't wait til they leave.  I actually told Lisa I don't want the dude staying here.  You cannot teach some 18 year olds anything, they know it all.  As a guy of 18 I don't think I knew it all, but I was on my own.  Figuring out the world.  I never pictured myself without a college degree.  Any thoughts without one scared me actually.  So I eventually finished college, as I grew up, and learned about myself.  I met many friends.  So I guess I should be patient.  You know who Hailey's boyfriend is to me??   A guy you work with.  Someone who you would never really even want to say hi to.  Well guess what??  I don't want him living here if, I don't even want to say hi to his type at work.  Right??  Hailey has no type of relation with any of her Fathers.  The real one, and me.  :)  That is her fault not ours... well perhaps both.  I tried, but I don't really do lazy you know.  Hailey admits she is lazy.  To not be lazy can be learned.  I bet she is learning that slowly.  Eventually you run out of stuff to do, and all it takes is one little success, and boom you realize you feel good about doing something.  I had lazy parts in my life. 

I cooked a meal for myself yesterday.  I cooked for no one but me.  Lisa was going to get pizza after she took a puppy we were dog sitting over to a friends.  I thought, I am making something for me.  I was going to make brats, but decided on barbecued chicken with a baked potato.  Potato was loaded with 614 oz. of butter, and 964 oz, of sour cream.  mmmmmmmmm!!!   Me Wikee!!!   :)

Blogger Amanda came over to pick up Hailey last night.  She is Hailey's only friend who is a FB friend of mine.  She never blogs, but I think she is a good person for Hailey to be friends with.  Actually I like Hailey's 3 best friends.  Amanda is going to college, and I think she will do good.  I am trying to get her a job at Menards.  You would think between me and Lisa we could get someone a job.  What do we have like 35 years experience??  I would recommend Amanda 10 times before Hailey right now.  Hailey has some growing up to do. 

Not really anything else.  I like just cooking meals for Lisa and I, or as last night worked out for me.  We have been cooking for Jackie too long.  I don't know how she ever managed to have us cook all her dinners.  SHEESH!!  That is done.  :)  We'll cook sometimes, but not always.  I wonder what she thinks about in her alone time.  She is filled with 90000 prescriptions.  She is laid up at an early age.  65.  I have a Grandma who is 93 who isn't laid up, and my Dad is mid 70's still plays handball spins I guess, and is active.  Women live longer than men don't they??  I have my guess why.  Hint:  answer is in yesterday's blog update.  :)

It stopped raining.  Looks like I might be able to get some miles before I run some miles.  :)  It is going to be a tough one today.  The girls are doing 16, not sure what the fast people have planned.  It won't be short though, I guarantee you that. 

Long run Saturdays.  I am excited now, but when I get home I bet I'll be like why???  why why why???? 

Ha ha!!  Now that is pretty funny to me.  :)

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Dear!!

I have absolutely nothing, so I think I'll ramble.  Sometimes I list it out, but I think I'll just go, and see where it takes me.  :)   Kinda nervous this may go nowhere.  :)

Things I thought about yesterday.

I had a lot of blogs to read yesterday.  I sometimes just wait to read them in the morning early, but sometimes I read it in the afternoon.  Not really a system.  I comment most of the time.  Typically just whatever pops into my mind.  Let the person know what I am thinking, or make a joke, many times I empathize during rough days.  That is a gift for sure.  The empathizing part.  :)

I have run 5 Riverbank runs.  I also trained for 5 marathons following the Riverbank run.  My Riverbank pace typically ends up being my Marathon pace.  I may switch to 8:12s.  8:00's are a BQ number, so not giving up yet.  I am 44, and I guess that lasts two years.  I'd be happy with anything in the 3:30's.  I guess that would be the official  Steve Qualifying Time.  :)

I haven't been riding my bike much these days.  Just a to and from work.  I do as I feel, and I haven't been feeling the bike.  Maybe cause my shuffle is sweat ruined.  :)  I listen to music when I bike.  Safe???  Maybe not, but I do it anyway.  I may throw the 100 goal out the window. 

Runs and distance are amping up.  I have hit the Marathon training now.  Proabably won't see anything under 16 on Saturday's, I am trying to slowly jump up to 13's on Monday, and also add a Friday.  6 max.  Probably 4 today. 

I have no idea what I am going to do today after work.  I don't want to do anything around the house, I can guarantee you that.  We'll get a new kitchen faucet today.  They are pretty easy to replace, but I am dreading it.  If I had to do it all over again I would never have bought a house.  They are so dang boring.  I don't like doing stuff for the house.  :)   Duplex living is where it is at.  :)   We lived in duplexes before, and it was so much cheaper than a house payment, not to mention you don't have to buy all the fixer up it junk.  :) 

You know I always thought a new car and a house was important.  If I had to do it over again, I would never make a car payment.  For the Record we haven't had one in a while.  It shows, not so much in the checkbook, but at least with our vehicles.  :)   I ride my bike so much in the summer to work though, I put very little miles on the truck. 

I am at peace I think.  I don't stress too much about stuff.  Yesterday I ate a triple cheeseburger from Wendy's.  First time ever!!  :)

You know this is kinda like a list isn't it?  A friend of mine gave me an idea last summer to read Henry David Thoreau's Journals.  I'd use her name, but she is pretty shy.  I got them from the library, and they hit me like music was hitting me last summer.  I respect her as much as anyone I would say.  :)  

The Walden idea is interesting, but you can get the benefit of the pond today, in your own life.  I think that is available to us now.  We will think about things at different times I guess.  Typically when we are alone.  My mind seems to always be seeing things, and reflecting. 

I think the younger you are the easier it is to be more open.  I have not done any research, but just what I see in day to day life.  Not sure why that is.  Women tend to be more open than men too.  Not sure why that is. 

You know this is long, but I enjoyed writing it.  I could go on all day I think.  I'll spare you.  :)

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The King of The Track!!!

Not so much!!!  :)

I will just give you my workout.  I did a 4 mile warm up cool down.  Standard for me, as long as there is no snow on the ground.  The work out was 2 mile repeats.  First mile tempo, and 2nd mile Marathon pace.  This usually is a pretty easy workout, as marathon pace really ends up being a recovery, and SEEMS easy.

A couple things to note.  My tempo miles sure aren't very fast.  I worry about that, because I want to have a "good for me" 5K time after all is said and done.  I am planning on adding a day of running perhaps.

WU/CD was under 9:00 pace

The Track:



7:38-- 8:38 

I cracked on the 3rd one.  The legs wouldn't move.  I cannot even begin to imagine why that was.  The workout seemed to be going good, and boom, nothing.  So I worry about my slow tempo miles, as that isn't part of the plan.  :)  I worry about the last marathon pace mile too.  Which btw was still quicker than last year's marathon pace, even though I didn't feel like I was moving.  So I am better, but still got some work to do.  I love the running work... at least when I finish the workouts.

On a bright note, as I had around 8.75 miles in, 6 of it at a faster than normal training pace, my legs felt fresh on the run home--cool down.  They still were bouncing off the pavement.  So on a 10 mile workout the legs were still firing.  So perhaps I am gettting my distance legs, and speed to follow.  :)

Do we always feel like a rookie when we run??  I feel I have so much to learn.  I like it though.  I like the challenge, and I think it is fun.

I think that is about it today.  Well a few things.  I ate 3/4 of a frozen pizza for dinner, and slept pretty good last night.  I have no idea what that means though.  :)

Now that is it!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Oh, I am reading "Anne Frank" again.  I don't know why.  It is a great book.  Can you imagine??

I am in a great mood this morning.  I love hard workouts!!  Especially when you can at least get some positives, even if I didn't nail it.  I rarely nail it though do I??  Ha Ha!!  As long as I nail it on race day.  :)  That is all anyone will ever remember.  Onwards to that goal.  :) 

cya!!!  :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Lighter Side of Jezerial!!!

No clue!!  If you google it, and something comes up, Fuck them!!!  They got it from me. 

I am going to do another list, because I am as cool as they come!!

  • I texted Gina yesterday morning and she didn't text me back
  • That bitch is going to get it this morning.  :)
  • Umm,  lack of sleep caught up with me yesterday!!!
  • I am the King of naps between 8 seconds, and 32 minutes, and all between.  :)
  • White Sox suck!!  Worst team in Baseball!!  :)
  • Things accomplished yesterday? ------------  nada!!  :)
  • Good night sleep = good night at the track???  I think so!!  ready to hammer!!
  • No clue what the plan at the track is tonight.  Can't even imagine.  Bet it is hard.
  • as opposed to all the easy track workouts we have right??
  • WOAH!!  A Rudy Chihak sighting on FB???  wtf!!  moving to Maine, got a job!!  cool!!!
  • Fuck shit ass bitch ass -- it is my blog and I can.  :)
  • I am ahead of schedule for the week at work, so I get to help out Hardware!!  :)
  • Who get's paid money to write directions for building furniture or using a phone?  fulfilling job?? lol
  • What was life like for Kerouac??  "On The Road"
  • Kerouac was made possible, because we damn near killed everyone in the world.   
  • Kerouac came after WWII
  • There must be more to life right?  Ever read Anne Frank??  
  • We were a rich nation after WWII.  We rebuilt Europe, too bad Truman didn't think to help out Ho Chi Minh.  Guess we still were holding a grudge against orientals huh?  Remember Pearl Harbor!
  • A Vietnamese person is not a Japanese person.
  • Ferris Bueller was right to be against all "isms"  Who knew?
  • Nationalism the worst?  
  • Whose life is worth more?  American, Japanese, Chinese, African, Pakistani, Afghani, Iraqi?
  • I saw my book I bought "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand  I will not read that.  Holy big!!
  • J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" is an amazing book.  Like I said before the best blog ever.  :)
  • I have never done 2 lists in a row to my recollection.  I am creative.  :)
  • Can't wait to give Gina my tirade!!   lol.   fake tirade.  :)
  • Maybe I will go to the Library and look up Hunter S. Thompson books.  he is pretty cool.  
  • Ever listen to John Denver's song Poems, Prayers, and Promises??  I like it.  
  • I don't smoke marijuana, but some do.  Healthier than ciggarettes probably.
  • You know there are rich C.E.O.'s who sell ciggarettes to kids.
  • We think they are neat, because of their big houses.  
  • You should see the obscenity our Republican dude who tried to buy the Michigan Gonvernorship is building.
  • It is gross!!  It won't even be a permanent residence.  
  • I am going to drink coffee now!!  :)

That is if for today!!!!  :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!   :)

p.s.  I may do a list tomorrow too!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Hey moth, get off my computer screen you fucker!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Was I Not Tired Yesterday??

Okay, not a very inspired title, and I really don't have too much today... I don't think.  I had a pretty good day yesterday.  First off as the title suggests, I have no idea how I wasn't tired yesterday.  I saw myself awake past 10:30 approaching 11:00.  I remember being up a good portion of the night.  I still got up early, went to work, came home and ran.  :)  All on a 1/2 hour of sleep??  :)

So, let's talk about the run.  I am training for a marathon right?  It was my first semi-longish Monday run.  Semi-longish Monday runs are my thing.  I did it last year, and I plan on them from here on out.  The weather broke, and there was very low humidity.  I felt during the run my legs actually were moving.  Not the humid slog from previous Monday 4-6 mile torture runs.  It ended up being 8.14 @ 8:55.  Legs felt good the whole way.  It was still warmish, but not really.  It felt great.  I know it will even get colder, and less humid too.  :)

Know what?  I am gonna do a list!!  :) 

  • I see people struggling with some stuff. 
  • 4- great people:
  • Jen Gray is great!!
  • Leigh Kminek is strong, but going through a very hard time for her.  :(
  • Nancy O'Toole rocks!!  She is pretty great!!
  • Her twin Olga is funny as heck!!
  • I have no idea what I am going to do with the rest of my morning
  • I am really stoked with my run yesterday
  • Happy with how my legs feel.  
  • Our Kitchen faucet, along with our car is brokedededdddddd!!  :)
  • That will take me a couple hours to replace prolly!!  :)
  • Good Thing I know how to do it.  :)
  • Jen Gray did me a nice gesture yesterday, and my heart is glad.  
  • She really is one of the best.  :)
  • I think Enya's music is heaven sent, Jen Gray is too.  :)

That is it for today!!!!   :)

Hope You All have a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


I told this story to Lisa's side of the family via e-mail.  Myrna, Brian, Barbara, and Cathy.  I figured I'd tell it now.  First off I want to apologize for my Steve Rose funeral thingy anger post.  Anger is irrational.  A lot of times you don't know what causes it, and you go overboard.  That happened on that post.  Obviously Steve Rose's death is a big part of all of our years, and I would love to see everybody who was there and more.  It is our life.  Some people like John Miller were real close to the situation, and real close to Steve.  I would like to give a special thanks to Russ Beaupre who filled me in on the whole story.  I am glad to have met Jen Gray there, and Faith, of course Gina and I talked a good portion of the time.  I talked to Joe Stacy for quite a bit of time.  Wish I could have talked to everybody, but I didn't.  Most importantly if you read this accept my humble apologies.  Oh, I met and talked to Tammy S. too.  One of the Kmineks.  :)  Everyone there was great.  Some good speakers like Steve R's Dad.  I remember looking at Beth Rose's Mickel's face, and know that was tough on her.  Once again my apologies.  I can't keep anger in too well, it festers.  Damn thing is so irrational too.

Oh yeah, no way for me to make the dang soccer game either.  I still have no exhaust on the car, and I am not going to drive that piece of  crap to Chicago.  :)  Once again, I guess Marathon training supercedes Soccer playing.  You know me anyway,  I would have gotten injured.  Probably pull 15-20 groin muscles.  :)

Shit, look what time it is.  Gonna have to rush this one.  After the hospital remember Natalie and I became friends, and she got me riding the exercise bike.  I went from 130-170 lbs. in a quick time.  Physical depression.  Sleep, work, sleep.  Exercise helped a lot.  Natalie helped a lot.  This empty feeling I had (physical depression) made me jealous for the first time ever in my life.  Natalie and I became more than friends.  I was jealous a lot.  Weird.  First and only time in my life, I can recall.  I was head over heels with Natalie.  Then she went to Denmark to study abroad, and that just killed me.  I wrote her letters every day, and she wrote me once each week.  That killed me too, because I couldn't stop thinking about her.  My first time of blogging every day.  I guess not everyone does that. :)  I surely didn't understand the lack of letters at the time.

So anyway I was working at Menards at the time, so this must be summer of 94, perhaps fall.  We drove to Eau Claire, Wisconsin on a work related thing.  We took the company car.  What happens when you have 4 guys on their own with nothing to do?  We go drink at a bar.  I meet this pretty blond girl, and we talk.  I found out she is Nannying in the States, and she is from Norway originally.  Norway close to Denmark we click.  I get her number, even though I was only in town for one day.  Eventually I get her address, and we become pen pals.  We only ever saw each other one other time.  I sent her money to take a train??  bus?? to Chicago, so she could see the Windy City.  We hook up with my friends Doug and Ellen, and Mike and his wife, forget her name.  Haven't seen Mike in a few years, and his wife longer than that.  So we do the Chicago thing, and drink the night away, and have fun.  It was strictly a platonic relationship.

Sometime after that Chicago trip, must have been Spring of 95, we lost touch.  She went back to Norway, and started her life again there.  Last summer I found her on FB.  She isn't on it much, but that is her story, and that is how I have a friend from Norway.

Is it a big deal??  Not really, but you know she is an important part of my life.  When I was down, I had someone to write to, and call.  She is great, and really nice.  She dresses up as a clown for kid's birthdays.  Her husband seems funny too.  Once again, he is never on FB either.  Oh well.  :)

Things with Natalie and me didn't end well.  She made me mad.  I told her I'd call her later, and I did.... a couple months later.  I'd like to apologize to her.  She snapped at me when I called, and I didn't take it well.  I was angry, because for the first time in a longggg longggg time, since before the hospital, I felt good.  Spring of 95 probably.  I wasn't going to let anything bring me down.  I was a jerk.  I really did love Natalie, but perhaps we didn't communicate very well.  We never let the other know what we thought.  Oh well,  I apologize to Cathrine for losing touch.  My fault I bet, and also Natalie for being a jerk.

Life really is full of stuff.

Sometimes I am a jerk.  :)

That really sucks!!  :)

That is it for today!!

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

oh yeah perhaps you don't like seeing your name on this blog???  Too bad!!  If you are on my mind you might make it on the blog.  :)   Deal with it!!!   :)

p.s. I got another blog to read.  It is a running blog.  Link was given to me by a friend.  If you read the 2nd post you will see it is right up my alley.  A running blog about life!!  Woo Hoo!!  :)  It is the Sugarleg one for those interested in those things.  :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Was Troubling Me??

I figured it out.  Last year during my crowning achievement, the marathon,  (25 minute p.r.)  I was going through a hard time.  I deleted Heimleblog to never blog again.  Started up Steve'e Journey a few days later.  I even publicized it with great fear.  Remember I just wanted to be right, I have just struggled through some family stuff from Lisa and her side of the family.  God wanted me to be faithful.  Three people really helped me.  Beth, Lorraine, and Barb.  Beth and Lorraine gave me kind words when I was scared and I was down.  Barb out of nowhere added me as a FB friend.  Yeah I was kind of in awe of  Barb, Beth, and Becky too.  The running blogs girls.  :)

Lorraine, I stopped reading her blog after a while.  She was so honest, but like me didn't want to show people.  Now I know what her problem is.  Guilt.  She doesn't want to look at stuff, because there might be too much pain.  I get that.  Been there.  That shit is hard to look at.  Here is all I can say.  You will have help.  It will hurt.  You probably will cry, but you will have to look at it.  Lorraine, as you helped me, now I help you.  It won't kill you, but it won't be easy.

PHEW!!  I always knew God had plans for Lorraine, she lost her way, but I totally understand why.  Some of the crap we have to look at is hard.  I had to look at how much I hurt my girlfriend Katrina.  The day after I got drunk, cause I didn't want to look at that head on.  Heck no.  I feel for how hard this is going to be.  You'll be fine Lorraine in the end.

I don't really feel like blogging today.  We had a hard workout yesterday.  It wasn't the miles so much but the elements, as Alan said.  The heat wasn't overbearing, but the humidity was awful.  About 8.5 miles in I was supposed to marathon pace for  3 miles.  Ummm, not so much.  I was bonking after the first mile.  I didn't eat anything for breakfast, and had no gels.  :)   I woke up a bit late.  Ooops!!!

I want to hit 8:00's and I hit 9:00's.  I went fast early though due to running late.  I cruised to the High School, and cruised at the start.  Oh well.  It ended up being 14.7 @ 9:11 I think.  I hope that is our hardest day.  It was really brutal out there.

I really hope those who have guilt to get over, your journey runs smooth.  I know some stuff is hard to look at.  Dang!!  I really do feel for those who have that.

Good Luck!!  :)

Hope you All have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Bad Mood Yesterday!!

I started off in a bad mood today too, but I read Beth's update and that just cracks me up.  I have no idea how small she is, I am assuming pretty small.  She is training for an ironman this year.  Her first one.  She is like probably the nicest person in the world, but she'd kick your fucking ass on a race course.  Ha Ha!!  How funny!!

So this is a serious message.  I am mad at damn near every one of my FB friends who went to Steve Rose's funeral.  They have not learned his lesson.  If he could speak from the grave he'd tell you to be open, honest, and show people.  Chances are you aren't carrying near the burden he carried.  He'd tell you toughen up people.  This shit ain't easy.  It ain't that fucking hard though.  Try training for an ironman.....um no thanks.  It is just scary is all.  You have to show people you are not perfect.

Want to know what my bad thoughts on Monday were?  Take me God, this shit ain't working.  They aren't listening.  With help I realized it is working, it just is going slow.  I don't have the patience, but I don't think you people are as tough as you fucking think.

Those afraid to show the bad, really are just a bunch of fakes.  You want me to name some names??  I will.  If you aren't on my select list of people I want to visit you are one!!  How's that??  How many similar friends do Gina and I have???  48.  Maybe 40 live in Chicago??  I want to see 5.  I wanted to see them all at the funeral.

So there fuckers.  Love lives in the light, you live in the fucking dark.  You live in the dark, I have no desire to know you.  :)  See that is my bad side!!  A small portion of it, I have plenty more if you want, but fortunately the good wins out.  You may need some more rainy days however.  You fuckers need some damn courage too, because I think you are a bunch of fucking pussies.  :)  More bad!!!  :)

You can't fucking hang with Nancy O'Toole.  She is fucking 20 years old.  Are you kidding me, and once again I bet she weighs a whopping 120 lbs. or less.  So yeah, I don't think you folks are all that fucking tough.  Tough = honest.  Let's see what you got!!  :)

That is it fuckers!!!  :)

Hope you All Have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Barb where the hell did you go??   :)   She is another tough one!!  :)

p.s. bike to work and back!!  I was tired, but that shit is easy!!  :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Felt Pretty Good About That Workout

Wednesday is track workout day, obviously.  I felt pretty good about this workout.  We did 8-800's with a 200 active recovery.  Before I went to the track I had a plan.  I didn't want a complete meltdown like the week before.  I stayed slow on my run to the track.  A lot of times I seem to go pretty fast, and I wonder if that tires me out at the track.  So anyway I kept the warm up slow.  No rush.  I found out we were doing 8-800's, which seemed quite a bit easier than what we have been doing.  8-1000's and 4 10:00's. 

Once I heard the workout, another plan entered into my mind.  Finish strong.  I definitely did not want my first one to be my fastest.  I kept it cool on the first one, and 2 and 3 ended up being my slowest ones.  I would definitely like to get closer to 7:00 pace, but I am getting there.  Cool temps. should help bring the speed up, as much as increased miles. 

Here were my splits.  I memoryizized them!!!  :)

3:45, 3:46, 3:47, 3:41, 3:46, 3:42, 3:41, 3:37.

Times were going down a bit.  It helped the sun was being hidden by a big old giant puffy cloud!!  :)  Temps dropped like 10 degrees instantly.  Legs felt good most of the way.  4-mile warm up/ cool down was 8:53 pace I believe.  I had a little more normal get up, on my run home from the track, so the legs were definitely feeling good. 

So last night was definitely a night where I felt I was improving, and starting to get in the kind of shape I need to get in.  I even ate solid foods for dinner.  Not a ton, but some!!  :)  I even had a great night of sleeping.  Ha ha!!  Not really.  Sleeping sucked, but I'll take the positive workout fo sho!!  :)

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope You All have a Great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Now that was a day off!!  Unplanned, but perhaps much needed.  It was a day off from social networking, blog reading, and blog writing.  It was unplanned like I said, but I enjoyed it.  I slept in til like 4:30 am.  Had to be to work at 5:00, so no bike to work.  No workout yesteray either. 

Here is what is happening in these neck of the woods.  We had to put our cute bunny Milo down.  Lisa cried, and I felt really bad for her.  Those with pets know that isn't easy.  All loss is hard, and all loss many times is a personal grief.  None of us really understand one another's grief, we just know it is sometimes hard to watch someone you care about going through it.  So that night sucked, and maybe that is why I slept late.  It did tear me up a bit, but that is what I do right? 

Ha!!!  I was going to bitch a bit about work, but I guess I'll hold off.  A couple departments are not doing all that great of a job.  I won't mention, which departments, because they might read it.  It is the paint dept. and Receiving dept. (How's that for not mentioning it??)  lol!!!    I don't know what the deal is, but they sure don't get shit done.  I don't give a shit if anyone reads this.  Here is an example.  I spent one week not doing my job to help the paint dept. get caught up with overstock.  I come back and they have a huge list of shit that needs to be taken down.  I told the manager to spend 30-40 hours each week on this stuff.  They spent seemingly 0!!  Fuck Them!!!

Receiving I sent an e-mail to take care of some shit outside.  I did this before vacation.  I finally jumped on the forklift after vacation to take care of it myself.  If you have a job to do, can't you at least do that??  FUCK!!!  I'd find some new fucking workers if they aren't motivated to get shit done!!! 

I was a manager once, and I always worked hard to make sure my dept. looked good.  It pisses me off when I see  things can be better if a little effort was given.  Everyone there is just picking up their paychecks though.  Cool!!  Sometimes I want to pull my hair out!!  Once in a while I send nice e-mails forwarded to the dept. and the Store Manager.  I'll bust some balls if I have to.  It is fair too, because if  positions were reversed, it is something I would make sure I got fucking done.  So that is how work is going.  :)

Lisa's Mom had to go to the hospital again.  Don't ever live a lazy life!!  Diabetes sucks!!  You know when you give yourself a lifestyle disease the ones who supposedly care about you, get really irritated with you.  You become a burden.  Now I am not going to mince words on this thing.  She still just doesn't FUCKING get it!!  She is selfish (life is all about her)  I don't know what to do with these types of people.  Do they constantly just live in a fantasy world? 

I have many flaws, and I am not afraid to admit it.  Laziness is not one, that is for sure.  I don't make the rules of the world, but even the makers don't follow them.  If they did banks would have been left to die.  (they were bankrupt remember)  Life isn't fair either.  I mean how does one man in a suit who has never seen a war, and perhaps used privililege to get out of serving in a war, start a war?  How does he do this under the guise of some religious holding?  How much suffering has this caused? 

I don't talk organized religion, because I don't believe in it.  You who may read this know that.  I don't want to talk this and that about religion, but even Satan believes there is a God right??  He knows the story of centuries ago too. 

I have friends who are atheists who are struggling, although I feel they are slowly turning to God.  The story here is seemingly you don't find God, but he lets you find him.  I have some lessons I know.  Lesson of Jacob, and Esau.  Lessons of Noah and the flood.  They are hidden lessons, and I don't feel the need to teach them, because they are scary lessons.  I have been put in scary situations.  I have told Gina about them, but haven't really opened up here at all.  Point???  not sure. 

All I know is I have been given a promise that all from here on out will be for good.  I have a feeling the promise was given to me before the hospital, but now I know it is for good.  I still have hard days, and still have thoughts I'd just as soon to disclose to no one, but God.  I let him see my bad stuff, because he understands.  Just on Monday I was having some bad thoughts, and it occured to me, albeit with help, God knows my thoughts, my suffering.  To him I turn, because this is all for good.  He knows I still struggle, but I get to see good through it all. 

Guess that is about it today!!  :)

Not sure what these days will bring for you!!

Be strong and courageous!!!  :)

Be honest!!  :)

It will serve you well!!  :)

Monday on dead legs, and horrible humidity 6.2 miles @ 9:38 pace I think.  Track tonight!!  Promises to be hard. 

Saw Inception yesterday with Lisa, it was good.  I recommend it.  :)

cya!!!  :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Run

To Run is to learn.  I learn all the time from running.  As I would imagine most people realize running is hard on the body.  For me I have to worry about two things.  I would imagine most people are in this boat.  Show up to race day in shape, and showing up healthy.   That is always always always easier said than done.  That is a battle. You wanna do a lot, but not too much, because you need to stay healthy.  Sometimes you have to be smart, and sometimes lucky too I guess. 

Yesterday I had a plan.  I planned on running with Mike and Dan.  Right now both are a bit slower than me, but at other times have been faster.  Dan still is the one with the 22:00 5K I haven't beat.  Mike is the one who went from 36 minute 5Ker to kicking our ass all over the place in the space of a few months.  His trick, was the running group.  Anyway what made it possible for me to run a little slower than I might normally during my long run was Amanda.  She was my kinda partner last year, and we did our long runs typically the same speed.  Her long runs now are more sociable, and she is hanging with a friend to chat, and enjoy the miles.  Amanda btw has been kicking my ass on the track.  It hasn't hurt her fitness at all, and perhaps even has helped it a bit.  My long runs might be social runs now.  My core doesn't hurt at all today either.  Slower is better on long runs.  :DDDD   I plan on going on a semi-long run tomorrow too.  No biking today for me, taking the day off. 

No biking cause I don't feel like it.  Lisa had plans yesterday, so we are going to the movie today.  We have to do some stuff around the house too.... maybe.  :)

17.2 miles @ 9:28 pace.  Around the 2 hour mark I threw in a tempo run for a mile maybe mile and a half.  It was unplanned, but I was bouncing off the pavement, so I took off.  I have no idea how fast, but probably 7:30'ish.  Maybe faster, I was  cruising....for me. 

I feel confident in my running again, and my training.  Woo Hoo!!!

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

know what???  I feel great after I blog.   :DDDDD-- don't know why.   :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Think I'll Get Some Coffee First!!

I know I know stupid title.  There is a reason for it though.  I am out, Lisa forgot to pick some up at the Local Lumberyard while she was working.  She later went to Target, and forgot again.  I did get a new pair of flip flops though.  All mine broke this summer.  Now I have a new comfy pair.  fabric toe thingy.  The best, and usually cheap too.  Flip flops the cheaper many times the better.  Woo Hoo!!  I told Lisa to tap into some of our negative cash flow to get it.  Ha ha!!  j/k.   :)  Oh yeah, I had to run out to the local coffee station to get some-- gas station. 

So...what is on my mind today???  Feeling a bit off I'd say, nothing major, but just not my normal on top of the world self.  No biggie really, I mean we all have good days and bad days, and this really doesn't appear like a bad day, but a day where I am seeing things a bit different.  A little more thoughtful perhaps.  When I was driving to get my coffee, the music in the car sounded great.  There was a "Who" song, and then a "U2" song. 

Wanna know what my thoughts were?  I am lucky.  I am lucky I wake up so early.  I can run a 4.25 mile loop plus the run to the school and back gives me 7 miles without the group.  If I run another 9, probably the minimum anyone would run, that gives me my first 16.  If I run 12, that gives me 19.  A 19 miler would give me 35 miles for the week, as August looks to be a big running month... for me.  As bad as I was on the track on Wednesday, although I did work hard, I realize I am building. 

I thought of writing about this so I will.  (Warning long blog entry)  perhaps even boring if you don't find me as fascinating as I do.  :)

I was not a good student in H.S. and not even in college til like the last 1-1/2 years.  In High School I took Science until it tuned into Math (no Physics)  I think I took Math through  Trig, and 4 years of German.  I was pretty good at P.E. though. :)   I was perhaps a little better than a C student.  I was a 21 ACT'er and a low 1000's SAT'er.  Pretty average, like I am at most things.  Except Golf... I really suck at golf.  Oh and shopping too, I really suck at liking shopping.  :)

College, early success meant too much confidence, so stopped trying real hard after I got A's and B's on my first tests.  I hit some rough patches in the middle years of College.  It was about finding a balance for me.  Balance fun and work.  I realized give good effort in both, and you typically will do o.k.  Everyone's fun is different.  I am a social drinker, so that typically would be some of my fun.  I'd also play some sports, and watch sports a lot too.  One thing I learned, and I think it is an important lesson is working hard to accomplish something, like getting a good grade is a worthwhile objective.  At some point in time, I also realized I like learning.  I think that is why after the hospital I became such an avid reader of History.  I liked learning, and I thought History was a subject worthy of study.  Classics too to an extent.  Wanted to see why a classic was a classic.  I don't read history too much anymore or anything to be honest, but bloggers.  Not sure why that is either.  Is there a reason for it?  I assume so, but not really sure why.  I really loved mountain climbing books too.  Some of you know that already.  They are such good writers.  I read the Lance Armstrong books, and finally got my hands on "Once A Runner" once it came back into print.  I also for a good 8 years or so analyzed 1000s and 1000s of Baseball player's statistics.  You would not even begin to imagine how much time was spent on that. 

So anyway, I once asked what am I to do?  There was a story, there was an answer.  I never got the answer, but I have done what's been asked.  I have been given a promise. 

There is more to my story, and this is how it seems to be working.  When the bloggers I read open up, it opens me up.  Why???  I don't know.  I know why we are opening up.  We tend to hide things from people, but it really isn't a successful route, because you cannot hide any of it from God. 

Couple things about this entry.  I had no idea it would go there.  :) 

That is about it for today!!!  :)

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

p.s.  gonna take Lisa to see Inception today, and prolly cook something on the grill.  Salmon for me, not sure what for her. 

cya!!  :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh Boy!!

Not much to report today to be honest. Feeling a bit down. Yesterday I just went on my 27 miler.

I guess I am a bit down, as we are going to hit a bit of a rough patch here. A time to reflect for some. BOOOOO!!! Those aren't the easy days fo sho!!

Sometimes we just need help, and that is what these days are for. :(

Good Luck!! :)

I'll be back tomorrow prolly!! :)

Til then!! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Track Of Shame

First off I cannot sleep anymore, so I thought I'd blog now.  Weird how I cannot sleep after track huh??  I think so too.  So, the track of shame.  I was thoroughly humbled by the track last night.  4-10:00's was the workout.  Sooo hard.  Here are my mile splits.  7:31, 7:45, 8:25, and 8:06.  Yes the last two I didn't even hit my marathon goal pace.  :)   Ugh, that is not good I don't think.  :)

I think most people didn't do too well as far as keeping the same mile splits.  The 6:30's fell to 7:00's after the first one.  Amanda my kinda running partner from last year ran real strong.  I don't think her last one was as fast as the other 3, but she looked strong.  The Man with Many First names looked strong too.  My friend Dan was real happy with his workout too.  His miles were faster than his first track workout, so that is good.   I cannot run in this crap.  My last 10:00 I stopped at the mile, because I felt something give, and I almost collapsed on the last 100.  I sweat soooo much, I am sure my whole system was whack!!  All I can say about that workout is it was hard.  Not cause I was running fast hard, but weather and conditions hard.  I mean I guess we all run better in colder temps., but I surely don't feel confident in my running now.  Keep the faith though right.  Temps gotta go down right??  SHEESH!!

A List:   :)

  • Laura Chihak accepted my friend request.  I think some of you read her blog post about her bro Rudy breaking 3 hours.  I am happy.  I wanted to tell her, but didn't.... shy and afraid.  :)
  • Nancy O'Toole started another blog.  That makes 2, I follow them both.  
  • Mrs. O'Toole (Mom) at one time thought I was creepy.  Not sure if she still does.  :)
  • I don't even know if Nancy O'Toole reads my blog.  Her posts are always pretty great!!  :)
  • I thought Jen Harrison's last post was really great.  Really asked tough questions about life and herself. 
  • I did that after college.  Like Lenin I asked what am I to do.  He asked what is to be done.  (chto detat)
  • My story isn't done!!  There is more.
  • I wait...
  • quid pro quo. 
  • I know why, I don't tell yet.
  • Some of my life is scary, I told Gina some.
  • You give me some, and I give you some.
  • I had another vision when I came home from the hospital.
  • It was a prophecy of this fall.
  • Katrina was in it.  That is all I give now.
  • I didn't tell Gina that yet, but I probably can.
  • I gave her some pretty heavy stuff, but she can handle a lot.
  • Sometimes twitterfeed doesn't work, so bookmark.  I update almost every day.
  • If I don't assume I overslept.  :)
  • I think that is it for today.  :)
Hope you all have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

p.s. 4 mile warm up/ cool down.  9:00 pace.  Last 1.35 miles 10:00 pace.

p.p.s.  I ate a salad for dinner.  :)

cya all!!  :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Worst Run Ever!! SLEEP!!! :D

First off Lisa is just leaving for work, and she told me I can do laundry!!!  hmmmmmpffff!!!

Yesterday I went on my 6 mile loop, about 1 minute into the run I turned it into my 4 mile loop.  Oh dear was it awful awful awful out there.  I didn't log it, but I am sure it is low 9's.  Oh and I stopped 3 times during the run.  I cannot run very good in this crap.  Maybe it had to do with driving all day the day before, and long weekend, but it was an awful awful run.  I feel like my training is going backwards.  I know if I just keep putting in the time I will get better, and the temps will get cooler.  YIKES!!  I'll see how speed work goes tonight.

Holy sleep!!  I slept til almost 8:00 today!!  :)  I didn't know I had it in me.  I think I went to bed around 9:00 too.  I'll be well rested after this vacation fo sho!!  :)

That really is about it.  Not too much today!!  :)

Hope You all have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  I gotsta get me some coffee in me, because I feel like doing nothing right now... all day perhaps.  :)

p.p.s  Really Really Have an Awesome Awesome Day!!!   :)   Strict Orders!!!  :)

oops, my long run Saturday ended up being 14.5 miles @ 9:09 pace I think.  :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This May Be Long!! lol

From Memory--Is how this will go!!  :)

Lisa and I drive to Chicago on Saturday.  I did my long run prior, and nap, and laundry.  I still haven't logged the full distance.  It was 15'ish though.  Pace I am sure was probably 8:45'ish.  That is what it felt like, but I'll log it later, and know more. 

We get to my Uncles.  My Dad is busy with his friend Sue so I don't get to see him.  I hang with my Uncle, have a few beers. I wanted to hook up with Gina, so my wife could meet her.  I write on her wall almost every day, or text her this:  "Good Morning Sunshine!!  Hope You have a great day!!  Love You tonnnnssss!!!"  Something to that effect.  People probably get the wrong idea, but we are friends.  That is it.  Guys and girls  can be friends.  They can love each other too.  I wanted Gina to call in sick, but she couldn't.  We both work way too hard.  I never call in sick.  March of 1994 is when I started at Menards.  I had pneumonia once, and called in sick 3 days in a row.  Those were the only 3 days I missed.  So yeah, I am pretty healthy.  Long story short.  We had dinner, I went back and napped.  Gina worked til  11:30 central, which is 12:30 eastern.  Yeah, will I hook up??  Time doesn't look good.  She texted me at 11:30.  I was tired.  Should I answer???   hmmmm.  I did.  She lives like 2 minutes from my Uncle, so she drove over.  Lisa was too tired to meet her, so we sat outside and talked.  Mosquitoes were bad, so we went into her SUV, and talked.  I can tell her things I can tell no other.  All else will read about it here I believe as time goes on.  I was tired, and we decided to call it a night.  I hugged her a couple times, and kissed her on her neck.  That was that. 

The Miracle and Iowa

Lisa, my brother, niece Marilynn, and I drive to Iowa to meet and see family from my Mom's side.  Some know, I haven't seen my Mom probably since early 70's.  Don't know the reasons why really, and honestly it doesn't matter.  I have dealt with all those issues.  We had a bit of a miracle on the way there.  Our whole exhaust system started dragging.  We had to stop where there was one house.  Long story short we were in a bind.  I remembered the promise all will be for good from here on out.  So I was like welp, something good will come from this.  This house couldn't help us on the street.  No correct tools.  In his garage he had an acetylene torch.  Boom 5 minutes, and we are on the road.  I offered to give him $40 he didn't accept.  I shoved a $20 in his hand, and said take your kids and wife out for pizza tonight or something.  He took that.  When he finished up his job he had a smile on his face.  I have a feeling he knew he was being "kind unto strangers"  :)

We make it, and I meet Melanie, who both John and I said made this all possible.  Melanie made me want to meet the other side of the family.  Stephanie too to an extent.  Oh man are they all nice.   Holy Cow!!  :)

I give Melanie a big hug, and yeah we had a ton of fun together the whole night, until I fell asleep.  My trademark.  :)   I see Grandma Chihak.  93 year old lady who is STILL sharp as a tack, and she still lives by herself.  She has bright penetrating blue eyes.  There is a great picture of us two talking.  I see my Mom for the first time in like 37 years or something.  We hug.  Gina texted me what was that like??  I said like we were the best of buds, as it should be.  :)  My Mom has 87 sisters and 47 brothers.  The sisters and their kids are for the most part pretty fruitful in their multiplying so it seems.  :)  53 of the 47 brothers were priests so not too much on that side. 

I did not get to meet Rudy (2:47 Marathoner) or Laura.  That was too bad, because I wanted to meet them.  Laura and I have some patching up to do.  She is great, but we didn't see eye to eye on a thing prior.  I will get in contact again.  There is a sad thing about her Father... and Rudy's Father.  I don't know them well to be honest, but I think they still have to deal with the tragic loss of their Father.  That is my guess anyway.  I also wonder if them not showing up had to do with me being there.  I asked about that.  Anyway that side of the family is great.  We partied.  Melanie and I did a shot of Jager.  Woo Hoo!!  She is really a very fun person.  Maybe it is a good thing we don't see each other very often.  We might drink too much, and have too much fun, and laugh too much.  :)

So that was that.  I have a feeling it was a good thing for my Mom to see me, and also Grandma Chihak.  She got some information from me, which may help her let go of some buried anger from my Dad.  My Dad still loved Madonna even when they were getting divorced.  I never knew that, and she didn't either.  My Dad can be a handfull, and well that is hard. 

Anyway my Mom has lived an amazing traveling life.  Grandma Chihak, well what can you say about her.  A Matriarch if there ever was one.  The sisters are all great, and all the other people.  Like I said they are super nice. 

Long loud ride home.  I was sad passing the 53 exit off of 90, cause that is where Gina lives,  my bestest bud.  :) 

A great fun weekend, and I am on fucking vacation Woo freaking Hoo!!!

I have to run today, and boy is it freaking hot.  Our bodies acclimate to what we live in day in day out.  I am sure it is more humid than 62%, but that is the Midwest.  That is our summers.  Those who live in the Himalayas are good at Higher atlitudes.  Think Sherpa!!  :)

That is it for today!!  :)

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)