Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yesterday Was Another Day.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing good. Yesterday was pretty good as far as days go. Next door to the bakery is a restaurant/bar. I rarely stop there, but yesterday I stopped to have a couple beers. No reason really,  I drove cuz it was raining before work. If I bike I won't stop for beers. I thought what the heck.

I saw someone who may have been like me in my earlier years. He wasn't obese really, but he definitely carried a good extra 40 pounds or so. He ordered a chicken sandwich that was a big sandwich. He dipped it in a honey mustard sauce. He had fries with it. I think when I was 36 I could have eaten that sandwich pretty easy. These days I bet I could only eat half.

I have no idea what I weigh, but I am probably close to an ideal weight. Somehow over the years my appetite is smaller. That is why I probably stay at my pr  running weight even though 40-50 miles of running/week is a thing of the past.

What made me think of these things is I made a Dr. appointment for a routine physical. It made me think of my health. I am not overweight. Cancer doesn't run in my family. High blood pressure maybe. It made me think I am probably healthy. I haven't been to a Dr. in forever. I had a slight cold a year and a half ago. I haven't had even a headache in forever.

I rarely drink pop. Alcohol is my only vice, but I don't think I over do it, regardless of what my wife may think. Who knows what my cholesterol looks like?  I guess we'll find out. Regardless I think it strange I can eat only a fraction of what I used to be able to. Going to bed early probably helps. We eat dinner usually around 6:00 or so. I am asleep typically around 8:00. There are no late night snacks for me. That probably helps me.

I guess through having a good schedule my lifestyle is relatively healthy. I don't take on too many things, so I am not pressed for time. This life is unstressful as much as one can be I guess.

I am lucky to be able to wake up most days feeling at peace. I know you don't know what this feels like, and I cannot explain it. 

Anyway, I guess that is good.

Have a good one.  :)

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