Sunday, March 5, 2017

Up Early Enough To Do This.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing okay. I don't really plan on doing this early Sunday morning, but I am done sleeping.  Yesterday was okay as far as days go. I took Hope for a walk, I had time to chill before work. I worked,  and saw the Get Out movie after work. It was good.

I came home, and started laundry, we each made our pizzas, and that was about it. Lisa watched a movie,  and I fell asleep through it. Today isn't going to be a crazy day. I'll work,  and then we'll see.

It is a pretty simple life I lead. I don't have any huge plans, but I do typically count on waking up early every morning,  and I count on feeling pretty good too.

I really know myself I guess,  and I know my life. There is so much I know about me,  and i guess that is a spot where you and I differ. While I was out learning about imperfect me I learned about others. I learned why we aren't perfect,  and I know why on our own it isn't even a possibility. I also learned that matters.

These days I cannot really say anything, cuz it's all been said. I just do my day to day, and I guess others do to. Another slight change is I am cool with my day to day. I don't expect anything else out of life. I guess I know the worth of the path of this World. I went a different way.

Due to being pulled,  and wanting to matter,  and stuff like that. I guess the funny thing is I learned I don't matter. I wasn't worth anything really. I had to learn that hard lesson. In the end I guess I wanted a good ending for myself. That comes from overcoming 3 times. I have one time left. A little secret too is I am not strong enough to overcome. I am taken over and made to say the right things. These days I know I have the best help. The one who overcame will do the same again using this vessel.

I will have worth,  but none of it will be from this guy who was a kid born to this World.  My worth will be given. Earned in a way as I had to endure my trials,  but really given, cuz I am overtaken to be able to overcome.

I know you cannot understand these things. I am different. Having been through the eye of the needle makes me different than a person born in this World.

I can't help you understand that either.

Okee dokee.

I have to check out another Pendergast book. I will finish my current one sometime during work.

Have fun.

Cya.   :)

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