Thursday, March 9, 2017

Oh Wait. I Haven't Had Coffee In A While

I was doing my normal wake up thing, pass the kitchen to the family room when it hit me. I haven't had coffee in a while. Last week maybe?  So I made myself a cup. Ahhh. Pretty good right?  

Anyway yesterday was a pretty good day. I did get some stuff done when I got home. I also listened to my book for a good bit. We made dinner, and I slept. Canadia is going to bring some of her cold weather down to us for a bit,  but it warms up next week.

I don't remember the timing of things. Maybe midnight tonight. We have a 3 day window to cancel our refi so when that passes our house loan, and home equity disappear, and we'll just have the house loan. I am pretty excited to see how that looks on my bank app. This week we get paid from all our jobs,  and tomorrow we pick up our big for us check. We won't be short of money.

I am pretty excited for this Spring. We have a lot we want to do with the house. I guess I kinda want to get started.

Other than that not much going on. Life you know is a never ending set of days. It goes on forever except one day we die, and they stop. I talked to my Dad yesterday. He turned 82. He still works around 25 hours/week. He still told me about two competitive handball games he had last week. In Chicago the old timers still do that. Not sure if anyone else plays handball.

Anyway yesterday was a day. I woke up early to tell you about my stupid day. Today will be another.  :)

Have a good one.   :)

xo     :)

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