Monday, March 13, 2017

Some Days I Have No Title.

Usually if that is the case I think I should have no blog either,  but you know me. I still can give it a whirl. To keep your spreadsheets accurate yesterday I didn't have coffee,  but today I am. I'll wait a minute if you want to update your spreadsheets now.

Okay, now where were we?  Ahhh yes. The blog. Yesterday I had a day. I worked my 8 hour shift. Our mechanic came out and replaced our brake line, but we still need to bleed the front brakes today. The ABS light came on, and he feels it's still not right. The mechanic is thorough, and reasonably priced. A quote for the work he does is an avg of what most shops would charge divided by two. He's cheap, and a nice guy.

Anyway that was about the extent of my day. I finished 3 more Pendergast books this week, and started a 4th. Those will be done soon, so I have to go back to the Game Of Thrones books. There are 17 Pendergast novels. The characters in those books are great.

Other than that not much. Today will be another day, and that's that.

I should have not given it a whirl. This one is dumb. 

Oh well.

Laterzzzzzz.  :)

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