Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Good Night Sleep.

The weekend my sleep kinda got out of whack. I lost an hour on Sunday, and I go in at 5:00 AM. We were working on my truck til it was getting dark. It gets darker later. All of a sudden it is 9:00, and I haven't eaten dinner. Then I didn't sleep that great. Last night however I slept great. I went to bed early, and I feel great today.

I have to run a couple errands today, so I'll drive. That's about it. Not much else going on.

I find more and more my life is less and less important. I keep doing my daily thing which has to bore you to tears. That may sound bad or something I don't know, but I am cool. I am fine with my simple and boring day to day.

When I was younger I kinda seeked for a purpose to my life,  and in the end I found it. So I will do things of some importance, but the simple truth is I am not important. These days my life is pretty simple.

I know how I am, and I know kinda how you are. Some anyway. Hearts don't really lie, but we don't like to look at the truth our hearts tell us. They aren't perfect. Some are filled with anger, and lust, jealousy,  and more.

You cannot take the imperfection out of your heart. So you block it out of your sight, and dress it up in accepted societal norms.

The heart is the key,  but you are afraid to look,  let alone show.

The tough things you have no desire to do. I get it kinda. I think. Who knows?  I did my stuff long ago.

What I found is if there is a good person it wasn't me. I looked in the mirror,  and I wasn't as good as I would have liked. That too is your story for those willing to face the truth.

Look around at your friends. They are in the same boat as you. Your family too. Ya gotta fix yourself before you can help others. This would have been easier solo,  but life is a tangled mess for everyone.

The route is possible for all. It also is not easy for all too.  There you are in the same boat as everyone else too.

Anyway. In my bracket this year I think I had NC winning it all. I may have someone else if I do another. MI I had in the sweet 16 and dropping out,  but they could be a sleeper maybe.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Have fun.  :)

Cya.   :)

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