Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It Don't Take Much To Disappear

Good morning How's it going?   Me, I am fine. I kinda disappeared from this thing for a bit. It mostly had to do with sleeping in. From staying up too late to not sleeping as good as normal, I slept in.

Even today I was sleeping pretty hard, and having crazy dreams, and my early alarm went off. My first thought was to maybe sleep in again,  but I was done sleeping.

You would think for not blogging in a while I'd have a lot to say. You'd be wrong. :)  You know my crazy life.

We are pretty busy though, and that may be a reason for me sleeping in. Last week I had stuff to do all week. Got my truck fixed. My brake line was bad, and it needed replacing. Then my brake lights didn't work. One side was just the bulb,  and the other the wire. I did replace the socket, but it didn't work. My mechanic came over, and replaced the wire.

I thought he charged me too little last time so I gave him an extra $40. He thought I was too generous so he didn't charge me for redoing the wire.  :)  We have another big job coming up for him on our white car.

I got a flat on the way home yesterday too on my bike so I have to replace the tube.

See my life is pretty interesting. Also Friday we are getting a new garage door put on,  and we are going to get a new roof soon. We have a lot to do this year.

So,  life goes on. I ain't doing anything real important in my day to day. The day to days keep coming though.

Anyhoo, I guess that's good.

Later.  :)

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