Monday, February 27, 2017

The Seal Ate My Golf Club.

Some days you can see a title, and it should be quite obvious someone; not mentioning any names, has nothing on his or her mind.

So we had a weekend. I don't think anything really major happened. I finished another Pendergast book,  and started another. The prior one I just finished, I read several years ago. When I started listening to books I just figured it would be something I do at work on Sundays, but I actually like it a lot. I am getting through 2-3 books/week. Otherwise I wouldn't read much. I can just sit and think of things to entertain myself. My
mind does not bore me.

The first two days of work this week should be pretty busy. Tomorrow is fat Tuesday so I'll be working both sides of the table. All hands will be on deck 3rd shift tonight cuz they have to make a million packzis. I don't really know why those go with fat Tuesday really. They are basically a Polish jelly filled donut. A local company ordered like 800 for tomorrow not to mention all the other orders. They made a million last year, and sold out by like 8:00 AM. So it is definitely a big day.

Not sure what I'll be doing after. I was kinda thinking of BOGO. We'll see.  The days turn over. One after another,  and we don't really know how much time we have. Are we healthy?   When will our end come?   You don't really know. People kinda assume you'll just keep going. I know from from personal experience one day I turned 40, and a couple weeks later I was 50. Next week I'll probably turn 60, and a few days after that if I am still alive I'll be 100. :)

Time Moves on. Chances are you have no idea what this life thing is about. I don't have such worries. I don't really worry about much I guess. I am not angry at anything really. I don't pay any attention to the news. I feel if people are so divided you can't trust what anyone says. Without trust there is no need to pay attention. Without trust you lost me.

I don't consider my days to be significant, although I know what the outcome of my story is. I don't think of it much, but I did yesterday, and it seemed a bit crazy.

My heart stays humble, cuz it knows the truth. That is a pretty good feeling I tell you. It puts me at peace I guess.

I know this of myself, and I can't not wonder about you. How much tension is in your life?  

As a product of an imperfect society no matter where you were born and raised,  you cannot be at peace. It isn't possible.

There isn't much you can do to improve that either. Your life kinda sucks, but you don't think there is anything better.

The gap between you and I is real, but you cannot comprehend. It isn't possible. You are lost, and you don't know it.

Anyway in this World there are no heroes, but you want them. I don't need them. My path helped me be strong on my own,  cuz I have help you don't even know is possible.

Anyway, I have a big day of work. I'll rest up a bit.

Have a good one.  :)

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