Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring In February.

Good morning. How's it going?  I can't tell if I am tired or not. I woke up a bit more than usual last night.

The weather is crazy for February. I saw  fishing boats on Lake Mac yesterday. I sat outside with Hope. It is going to be 61° today and 64° on Wednesday. It will throw things out of whack,  but I am not totally sure how. It was a few years ago in March like 90% of Lake Michigan was frozen.

Anyway,  yesterday was a normal day. I worked, finished listening to another Pendergast book, and started another. I am skipping the first two books, cuz one was Relic. They made a movie out of it. I think they did the 2nd one too.  I was thinking earlier why didn't they make movies out of the Pendergast books, and now I realize they did.

For dinner I made an oriental meal in our wok. I eventually fell asleep,  and eventually woke up a lot. A lot of Mondays I go get BOGO burritos and have some beers. I am skipping today,  just cuz. I think because I am tired.

Really I have nothing really planned today. I'll come home, and pretty much just wait to do dinner. I'll probably listen to my book.

Omg this update is so dumb. I don't have anything, and this is going nowhere. I could delete it, but whatever.

I'll cya later. Maybe tomorrow.

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