Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unchartered Waters.

Looking at the forecast after today the next 8 days will have highs ranging from 48°-59°  since we are approaching late Feb. can winter pop back down?   It would seem Canadia would have to send a good amount of their wind toward us. Is Winter done already?  

If so I guess that's good. The lake is unfrozen,  so July might be hot.  Tulip time will also be a stem fest.

Doesn't really matter I guess. I'll take the good weather now,  deal with the rest later.

I got some stuff done yesterday after work. Picked up my duct fitting to finish the dryer,  cleaned the kitchen,  cleaned the stairs. I also finished listening to another Pendergast book, and started another. I watched the movie I fell asleep through the night before. We also made potato skins again. We got that down. Ours are better than any restaurant I've had.

I guess that is a pretty good day. I was thinking about life a bit. You do all this shit. People die and stuff, and one day you view your end. It all seems dumb when you can see your end. All hearts get broken at some time. People deal with loss,  we fill our time doing whatever. If you are in the rat race I can't think of a worse life. Busy, busy, busy.

I guess every day I have 4-5 hours to do what I want after work. I also have an hour or two before work. That is a lot of free time. I am not saying I am always productive during this time, but I am sometimes.

It is an unbusy, and uncomplicated life. Everyday is a day off sorta,  cuz all the free time. I like my jobs too, cuz everyday I do something you know? 

It is just a good position to be me I guess. I am not lonely, and everyday is a new day to do stuff. There is no guilt, and no remorse. I haven't failed anyone really. I don't know I guess life is easy.

As to other people who knows?   I know they are not like me. Maybe cuz people are always searching for the better version of themselves. Problem is every day is another day. Our moods don't always start the same every day. Mine pretty much does.  I don't seek out a better version of myself, cuz that comes at the end of my story. I found the better version of myself,  but the timing is not mine. The ability to create this is not mine either.

What I get is a content heart. It is what makes me wake up every day mostly with the same outlook. Another day of work,  eat, sleep, with free time added.

You cannot be like me as I am now,  cuz that is part of my story. This too is a gift. The timing of other stuff I just wait and see.

Anyways, I think I'll finish my coffee,  and take Hope.  I may check movies too. I may see one after work. The John Wick one is what I want to see.

Okay, I'll cya.

Have a good one.  :)

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