Monday, February 13, 2017

The Start Of Another Week.

Here is something new. I wake up, there is nothing really on my mind, yet I am trying to do this. I know, crazy.

Yesterday I seemed a bit tired.  Must not have been real tired,  cuz I made it to work before 5:00 AM. I came home, and watched a movie,  and then we went downstairs,  and did some cleaning in the basement. We really need a plan of action for our basement. I am going to redo the ceiling, and we need to do some flooring. The ceiling was a plank style ceiling tile. I am going to switch to pallet wood I think. The floor I think we will just buy a box or two of something every week or so.  That's how I did our kitchen, and dining room.

So much to do, and the 10 day makes it look like Spring shows up in February this year. So we will have outside stuff to do too.

I can start worrying about that tomorrow. I got plans for BOGO burritos,  and a few beers today. That is pretty much about it.

Nothing too crazy about my life. Days pile up on each other. Nothing changes too drastically I don't think.  I am just sitting here getting older. I am not trying to make the World a better place, cuz that isn't happening. The World is not that great a place. People are not all that great either. Do you ever think about all the things you think about each day. How much can you not say, cuz it is not a "proper" thing to think? 

I did think about that yesterday. Maybe last night during sleep. We all carry a filter. Why?  Why do we think unacceptable things?  Why is there so much division in life?   Part of division is everyone thinks someone is receiving better treatment. That is probably true too, cuz people aren't exactly fair.

I guess what I am saying is no one is a Saint. Look at your network of friends.  They are not in any better position than anyone else. You look at flawed people. The question is does that matter?  Does it matter if you are not perfect?  

What I've learned is yes it does matter. So I was told to go out solo and find my way. The route I need to take. I found my route in the wilderness, because in the wilderness I found out I am worth very little. In my life I don't deserve anything. I haven't suffered so much that I deserve this or that. Maybe that is what you need to learn. Instead of thinking about your Sainthood,  maybe you should look at the truth.

That will make all the difference.

Okay cya.

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