Sunday, February 19, 2017

Up Early For a Sunday

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing good. I am up early for a Sunday so I guess I'll try this. I don't really have much on my mind though as usual.

Yesterday was okay. I cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry. We made tacos for dinner. I slept good too, since I am up early. We'll have good weather again today so it should be a good day. I'll get out of work around 1:00. We also have any number of things we can do for dinner. The day is set. Just not sure what we will do from after work til dinner time.

My life is pretty simple. There are probably things I could do different, but I think I am going okay.

In other news there is no other news. There is nothing really to my little life here. I am 50 years old, and I guess I am in my golden years kinda. Not really much to worry about. Typically life goes and ties people up, but it did the opposite for me. There is a reason for that,  and that is my story.

Such a simple statement the truth will set you free. Sounds good too, but in actuality you have to brace yourself for the truth, cuz it isn't what you think.

It is pretty impossible for a human to come to the truth, cuz our whole lives we learned other things. The World always lied. It's what it does,  cuz it doesn't know the truth.

I find it pretty impossible for me to help you get close to the truth, and maybe cuz you battle against it. Maybe we try, and try, and try, and eventually we break. Meaning you just cannot be who you really want to be.

I guess I was that way. When I found myself alone in the World,  and the World was before me, I tried to make me the best person I can be. It turns out I wasn't too good at that. That helped me see the truth. It helped make my heart right for what it needed to do. That is where you need to go.

For those willing anyway. So far I count zero willing, but I don't really know. Who knows what goes on with people?  Surely not I.

Anyhoo,  I guess that's it.

Have fun.  :)

Laterzzzzzz.  :)

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