Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Wake Up.

You can always tell the start of a good day when you are pretty much awake about an hour before the early alarm, aka 3 hours before you need to be up.

I didn't do much with that hour. Looked at my phone for a bit, and just laid there. I don't really have much on my mind. Yesterday was pretty okay. I did the work thing. I worked both sides of the table,  but it wasn't too crazy. A full day I guess you could say. I came home, and went out for beers and burritos. It was fun. I usually always see Hawaii Greg there, but I met a few other people there too. Not a bad way to do Monday.

I don't think I thought of anything particularly interesting yesterday. A lot of days I'll write stuff down in my blog. I don't really have any idea how it will go. Usually I start my blog with, I have nothing on my mind.

A lot of times stuff will come out anyway. I am getting to the point that I think this thing does very little.  I still do it cuz now it is just a part of me you know. Wake up. If it is early blog about something. Take Hope if there is time. Go to work,  eventually eat, and eventually sleep.

I guess it is a simple life. I have no idea what my life would look like if I did it any other way. All along I guess life pulled me in a certain direction. Through fun times,  and hard times I guess I learned about myself. A kid growing up is not really easy. A lot of questions. Eventually you realize you have to work. You have to live somewhere. I went to school cuz that is what people do.

Eventually I guess I started growing up. Fun is fun, but you gotta do shit too right? 

Really what I did is I went crazy for a bit. It's fun, but it leads nowhere. I corrected my ship, and got through school. Death visits me, and questions of what to do.

In the end I made a right choice. I was lifted up briefly, and then brought down real low. The time before the dead years was pretty brutal. It is where I learned a lot. I also learned where everyone stands.  I learned the World has been a mess for a long time. The message has been lost for centuries too.

I did not ask the question am I the only one,  cuz I didn't need to know. I know the answer now.

I am put in a position where I guess my job is important. I am secure in myself, and that is a miracle.

A lot to my life,  and a lot to me. In the end my life is about my story,  and not me. I am not who I am without me making right choices of overcoming myself and being obedient.

My foundation is strong. It is kinda trippy I guess. As someone who really is of little value, I have been given value. It stems from my story. My help is my strength,  and it cannot be shaken.

My story is invisible besides the words you see here. In the end my story calls many people. How that all unfolds I don't know. I just know the final thing the current version of me has to do. As to others not really sure.

Why me is a good question. It doesn't matter though. I am too far along. I am too strong now to wonder about any of this. The story will play out. I am a vessel used in this story, just not the author.

I guess in the long run through me kinda you get to learn about the author. Maybe. Not sure.

It's a strange story for sure, and I'll keep some of the zany stuff to myself.

I guess that's it.

Later.   :)

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