Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Day.

Okay, I have no idea what to do for a title,  and as to what follows next, probably less of an idea. Anyway yesterday was a day. It was pretty good. I did my errands, and just chilled. There are some things I could have done,  but I didn't.

Do I feel bad about that?   Nah, not really. I ended my day with a dinner, and sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed ready to start another day. So that is pretty much what you want from days right?   You want to feel good when you wake up, and I do.

As to significant things I do in my day to day, nope. I don't do significant things. This is life. It ends in one spot. The rich and the poor all end in the same spot. Superbowl MVPs are equal to poor prostitutes in 3rd World countries. No one really knows that,  but I know it.

I am not really a part of this World. I was set aside to learn other things. I did learn other things. Hidden things. Things I probably  cannot even tell you.  Anyway these days I like to have fun. I do what is expected of me during the day. In my free time I unwind.

I am not really interested in a ton of things.

Anyway, I am just getting something down. That's what I did.

Cya maybe tomorrow.

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