Friday, February 3, 2017

My First Cup Of Coffee This Week

This has been a non cup of coffee week. I am having my first cup today. Some days I don't feel like it. Some days I just sleep in. You can pretty much assume if I don't have a cup early morning I won't have one. Coffee doesn't really do anything for me, but I do enjoy a cup occasionally.

Not really much going on. We are in the process of refinancing our house. Taking a little extra money out. The big thing is we are getting rid of a stupid home equity loan. Had it for years, and basically paid the minimum. That will be good. Less bills. We will basically be making a significant more money than we have to pay each month. We are old too, so we don't want or need any toys.

In the end I think we all want to simplify our lives. Less bills,  and less have to do this and that. Maybe that's not true. I guess some people take on more and more responsibilities. Join another group, another league, have another kid.

I've lived life long enough. I know there can be enough stress in life. The World can pretty much grab a hold of anyone.

I think we all want the key to life. What makes us happy?  What is the secret to life?  The question everyone probably seeks. A lot of people have come up with a lot of answers. I know my answer. I looked for a purpose way back when. I had pretty good eyesight too, cuz life was pulling. When I saw there was no purpose to life is when I found it.

You may think it was all peaches and cream, but it wasn't. I had no idea what I was getting into. I've seen things and endured things that many don't even think possible. There must be value in that cuz I couldn't tell people. The craziness about my story is what makes it solo. I couldn't turn to anyone.

I was made to suffer and endure some pretty hard days. It was all part of learning really.

Anyway so far it just led me to this place here. A place where I am different than you. A place where I have traveled far in my journey. Endured much. I've taken the proper steps,  and that's it. I've done my stuff, and it is time for others,  but really we are doing nothing, and accomplishing nothing. The World is kinda boring really. Day after day we toil for this and that.

Maybe we seek for some epic something to happen in life,  but it's just life. There is nothing epic about it. Trillions have done it before us, and they all ended in the same place you will.

No one succeeded in life. Life beats us all by bringing us to the ground. Turning us back into dust and ashes, although we were smarter than dust and ashes for a bit. It's what makes us arrogant.

Pretty silly.

Anyway, today will be a day. I think it should be okay. Tomorrow is my sleep in day. I am looking forward to today, and this weekend.

Guess that's it.

Later.   :)

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