Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's Try This Again.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. I tried blogging yesterday, and it was dumb, so I deleted it. I was going to get some stuff done yesterday, but stopped for beers after work instead. Lisa went out shopping so I figured what the heck.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I may have been tired for staying up late,  but I definitely feel well rested today. Today I have to bring more shit to the bank. Copies of more pay stubs. I sent them 5 from my phone,  but they can't read it. Just when you thought technology makes things easier you still have to go old school. Either that or the people don't know how to expand the picture. Not sure.

Whatever though,  no big deal. My life is going on. It is sometimes kinda neat to sit at restaurant bar. You get to do some people watching. Some people gamble on various things. I don't know, you get a brief glimpse of people,  and I guess it's okay. Really life is kinda boring,  and I can't imagine how people suffer through it.

How much do people rationalize stuff?  People assume a lot to be important, but one of those questions that need to be asked,  is it?  Am I?  Do you want to ask those questions?   Are you afraid of the answer? 

I think you should be, cuz everybody starts off on the wrong path. The path of the World. The truth is something different entirely. It isn't this World is beautiful, and the stars are shiny, and nature is this majestic thing. It's more like this life is pretty much dumb when viewed from the World. When viewed from the truth it is pretty much just work, eat, sleep. Hopefully you are lucky like me, and your heart is cool with this simple truth, but I figure you probably aren't like me. Just cuz it took me a while to get where I am now. Also my help makes me the way I am.

So anyway. Something I learned from my brother Jim is all people are liars. Always want to show everyone how great their lives are, cuz they don't know to deal with a heart uncontent. You are missing something,  but you are not sure what.

Anyhoo, just getting something down. Today I plan on having a day. Since I feel rested I think it will be a pretty good one.

Have fun at work today,  and doing all the things responsible people do. School, bills, budgets, staring at phones,  staring at computer screens, sending emails, reading emails for those who do that kinda stuff.  :)

Later.    :)

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