Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Just Sitting Here.

I am just sitting here thinking of a title. Nothing really comes to mind. As far as this entry goes,  who knows?   I did make myself a coffee. Not because I wanted one, but just cuz it is a new package. It doesn't taste any different than older ones. This time I bought a dark roast McCafe one. It doesn't taste as good as one you'd get from McDonalds. Maybe that is why people spend money on store bought cups. I am not really an officianado on coffee so I pay a fraction what others do who buy store bought cups. Also I don't drink coffee every day.

Anyhoo, that is that. Yesterday was a pretty normal day. Our house got appraised. We'll see how that goes. Also the other day we cleaned out our dryer duct. That collects lint I tell you. I replaced a couple sections. I always joked about my wife's fears of dryer fires, but after looking at our ducts I see that is a thing.

Other things happened yesterday too. I rented a movie I fell asleep too. Not uncommon. Lisa gets mad when I do. I am listening to a good book. One of the Pendergast novels.  Authors Lincoln Preston,  and Lee Child. I think there are like 19 Pendergast novels.

So, that is about my day. Today starts another. It won't be much different than others. Life goes on.

How I am every day is kinda like a weekend.  After work there is nothing stressful really for me to worry about. Nothing too stressful at work,  unless I make a mistake. I do new stuff so it happens. I try and work ahead a lot if possible. It's February though, so I should be patient.

Anyway, That is about it. Nothing too important going on with me. As usual.

Cya later.   :)

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