Friday, February 10, 2017

Let's See If We Have Anything Today.

I doubt it, but you never know. Yesterday was okay. Nothing major to report. I didn't do anything particularly exciting. Maybe it will be our last really cold day. You never know.

There really is nothing on my mind at all. I am not particularly worried about anything in the future. I hope our refinancing goes quickly. We are at the appraisal stage now. I have no idea how much more they have to do after that. It seems to me they do more than they used to, cuz of the whole mess up before. I am not sure though. It's been several years since we've done this. 15 or so is my guess.

Really I just plug along with my routine. I am just sitting here watching life go by. People tend to place importance in all kindsa stuff. Our hearts lead our thoughts,  and our hearts we don't control. If we have anger than we figure we are right. Others are wrong.

A lot of issues to concern one self with. I think it must be tiresome. It is for me I think. It's why I don't really like to see too much. There is a spot you truly stand at, and the one you think you do. I gather you are secure in your own intellect,  and everything about you, but you really are blind to the truth.

I see this stuff squarely. I did my life where I thought I was smart. I tried to be good,  but that was out of reach. I was led so far along where I saw how small, and how little I really mattered. As far as good deeds I see it was out of my reach. I saw where all avenues end.

I can't take you down that path. As long as you are a product of this World you will never be much different than now. I can't take you through the eye of the needle,  and I couldn't take myself.

So anyway. Yesterday was a day. Today will be one too.


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