Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some Days I Have No Idea.

Some days I...  scratch that. Many days I have no idea what will show up on here. Today is one of them. Maybe even more so, cuz I almost am not even going to do it. Not for any reason really,  except nothing really on my mind.

Yesterday was pretty okay. Lisa had a spot on her breast. They wanted to do another look. She had her mammogram last week, and they called her back. So she had that to worry about for a week. It's benign. Just a cyst that may just go away. They'll look at it again next year to see if it is still there.

I remember thinking early last week, we've been together for a long while. Her parents died 2 years ago. We worked for many years at various places, and someday it will end. We are not guaranteed some type of fairy tale end. I saw the totality of our lives,  and it seemed pretty dumb.

Years and years of pointless day to day stuff that ends with someone dying. So I see this, and if other people claim what they do and what they think is important,  I'm calling Bullshit.

If you think you are important I am calling Bullshit too,  cuz I know your end. I just don't know if important people will go before you or you before them. People will be sad. It may be you for them,  or them for you.

I guess that is the turn. You just are doing day to day shit like everyone else. It doesn't matter, cuz someone's gonna die. We just don't know who.

Anyway I guess I am glad I am me, cuz I learned what I needed to learn. I took the right steps. Now I just do life. Sometimes people will try to appear important with their ideas, and thoughts or whatever, but I can ignore mostly, cuz I see the end of the road.

No one really is very smart, cuz they cannot see the finish line. I guess in that way I am smart, but people take me as a fool. That is their mistake. Not mine.


This blog is weird I think, cuz just a couple minutes ago I wasn't even going to blog.

Crazy huh?

Okee dokee. I may see you tomorrow.

Bye.   :)

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