Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time Moves On.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing good. I did have to stop by the bank again yesterday. Lisa had to sign something,  but she forgot it at home. Turns out we had something else to sign too. I believe that is it for a while.

Yesterday I actually did get a few things done around the house, and I made dinner. I slept pretty good til midnight, couldn't sleep for a while, and then I'd sleep very deep for like a half hour with weird dreams. I'd wake up, and fall into another deep dream filled sleep. I am good at sleep. I know I hit the deep sleep a lot.

So you have the outline of my day. Work,  eat, sleep. Other than that not much on my mind. I have a day set before me, and it shouldn't be much different than others. Minor differences here and there I guess.

Whoever may read this can see my life is pretty uninteresting. I am more than cool with that, and I suspect others lives are much the same. As I've done this a number of years you may have sensed a theme. Maybe many,  but what I think you'll see is from any number of things being important, in the wilderness nothing is.

It's time we put on this Earth, and at our end we will wish we probably did good. I guess that is what I wanted well before my end. What I learned is to be good,  and do good things is not so easy. For one it is out of our hands. Another we don't even know what good is. The best any human can come up with is some Worldly pursuit or something.

Your story if you choose to accept it is not of your making. All your dreams, which in all honesty, you probably never dreamt are of no use here. Remember the hard little truth, at the end of the day SB champs are = to 3rd World prostitutes. Filthy rich Education Secretaries are = to a poor kid in Lebanon who grew up with bombs falling.

Life in the end is pretty much nothing about this World.  Yet we are born here, and are a product of this World.

How do we get from point A to point B. If only someone would have taught us how.

What we do now is go through the motions of life.  Day after day. In the wilderness you'll see we are all equal. One coin among many. Diplomas,  and trophies,  and any other thing you can imagine are worth nothing here. 

So, what is your next step? 

Mine will be to have another day. I've already did a lot of hard stuff to get here.

Anyway, I Spose.

Cya.  :)

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