Sunday, May 31, 2015


Holy Crap did I sleep. I stayed up and watched the hockey game last night, which surprised me. I figured I would sleep through it, and I slept til after 9:00 am. Sheesh.

Anyway I have a couple things to do today. I have to get a haircut and pick up some pop for Jackie's thing, and get a haircut. My hair is completely ridiculous right now. Heck, I am completely ridiculous.  I am going to take Hope right after this, and then do my errands.

So that is my little things going on today. I was thinking about some things today before getting up. I have a pretty harsh message don't I??  It seems so easy written on paper, but really it is just the truth. Something as simple as that. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the whole World wasn't one big lie. If we didn't grow up thinking we were good enough. The message is simple. Be sorry. That is it. You cannot even do that because the more life you live the more layers of crap you accumulate, and the more crap you have to get rid of.

Life is a hard thing period. On your own you cannot win. It is a losing endeavor, and few find their way. Like I said it isn't that hard, but it is. It is very hard, because just for us to get to know we are wrong is hard.

The truth of us is a Horrible story.   Really we are not much better than the beasts of the field, but we think we are better and stronger than everything.

The truth I found is brutal, but I have been given a strong heart to be able to do this, and accept my path.

Piece of cake. The end of me will be my final suffering, and then I will be the best a person can be. It is as it is written, but much remains hidden.

Anyway that is my story. It has been decades in the making. Your story starts with one step that has yet to be taken.

We'll see if you do. Yes as you learn more you will wish you did things WAY differently, or just paid attention to what I had to say. That is how it is though. All you can do right now is make one step or not.

That is up to you.

All right.  I am out.


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