Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Big Gamble

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I am up, I have coffee, I will have run, then work for a few hours, and then cook something on the grill. I have all of tomorrow off.

I could say a lot of things on here, and really go in any direction, but trying to steer people in the right direction is a thankless, and mostly unfruitful job.

The biggest gamble you make is you are right. Somehow someway you are the best a person can be, and you have nothing to overcome. You nailed life. In my life I seeked the truth. I had the mirror way long ago, and I was nowhere near who I wanted to be. Maybe the best thing about my younger years was I had a pretty courageous heart that accepted the truth. I was not that great of a person. I looked at life, and I looked at the World. Life I was like why???  The World I was like gross!!!

There was nothing here for me. So I made the turn having no idea it meant anything, because there was no teacher for me to ask questions to, although my path was singled out for learning. It was singled out for suffering to, and that was to learn more I guess.

The sword is harsh, and the truth is harsh. Things are very difficult before they get easy.

Courage is needed, because gambling with your life isn't very smart when the truth is readily available.

I'll give you this though. The render unto Caesar sentence. One demands the currency of the day, and one asks for a different coin. Those who mistake that do so in vain.

Okay, I am out.


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