Sunday, May 10, 2015

It Has Been Almost One Week.

Hello, and good morning all. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. Today I have my first day off in like 3 weeks. We are going to see the Avengers. You may wonder why such a frequent blogger as myself would take a full week off.

I had nothing good to say. There was nothing in my heart, but yuck. I am the type of person who is what they read. It is why I need to trust people. I am not looking for Saints.  Here are a few truths I can give you. If you try to prove me wrong then you are barking up the wrong tree.

  1. You are not a Saint. 
  2. You are not the best a person can be. 
  3. This blog is to help you come to terms with your shortcomings. 
  4. This blog is to help you show the way to becoming the best a person can be. 
  5. Showing off your fake Sainthood by showing stupid shit that doesn't matter is stupid. 
So there.  I got that off my chest. We as people are wrong, and we are born that way. It seems life is a big test. Are you strong enough to be able to face the truth??  Strong means coming to terms with your imperfect self in this shitty World.  Overcome all the advertising, and these days social media horseshit that says everyone is great. 

No one is great. We are all weak, and imperfect people, and your lives "should" be one tough journey of you dealing with the shitty truth. 

This blog isn't for the weak. You'll never make it. This blog isn't for the Saints, cuz they are full of SHIT. This blog isn't for those who are NOT willing to go farther than such and such does this horrible stuff, and I do this SEEMINGLY important stuff. Nope. 

This blog is for those who have the courage to go the whole way. The FULL truth of YOU. 

Not easy, but worth everything. 

Cya.  :)


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