Friday, May 15, 2015


Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay. I would have liked to have slept more, but whatever. Hope, and I have a run date, and not much else. I have a project I want to do, but may wait til Sunday.

My title is because I have nothing today, and maybe even less than nothing.  If that is possible. As I was working last night I guess I wished my heart was in life a bit more, but I know it isn't and probably won't be. It helps you drink the kool-aid probably. No one is so very far away except those who are the most arrogant probably. The most all knowing.  The curse of being human. We are wrong, but we think we are right.

Our heart pulls, but we hide that in the activities we do, and that we place a disproportionate amount of importance in as compared to the real importance of these activities.

The weak and broken are so much more closer, because that is where help lies. Help lies in your meekness, not your greatness.

I guess my blog has gone a certain way for a long time. I expected some things to remain forever. I guess last night I realized it may not be the case.  Fewer and fewer and fewer people are willing, if any.

I totally am willing to give up all the things in this blog, because my priorities were always what my heart wanted to do. I am good you know??  I try to help, and I gather unsuccessfully, but that is okay too, because I have done what was asked, and I did my job. Just happens no one else is willing.

That isn't my fault. I know I have some gifts that help me do more than you, but I didn't ask you to walk in any steps I haven't previously. I just needed you to have the courage to listen to your heart, because your mind tells you horrible stuff.

The truth is a scary thing, because it means everything up to this point is wrong. You are wrong. I have become what I wanted back in the journey days. I have become right. I can walk with a confident heart.

I am not perfect yet like I have said, but you know all things considered 2 out of 3 is not a horrible way to live. The goal was always the gifts from when #3 was done.

I guess it will be with less people than I imagined.

You don't have all the time in the World, and that is a scary thing.

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. You have no idea the bad decisions you make.

I can only help so much though. It was always going to come down to you vs. you, and I am not in that equation. My heart though is strong, and I will let you people do as you wish, and I have to stay true to me. I will follow the path before me. With or without you.

I tried, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I got no problem with that either.

Okay, I gotta run.  Cya.


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